Permionics has spearheaded the innovation of membrane development and their applications in various separation processes providing customized solutions across the filtration spectrum. We have seen the influx of hollow fibre Ultra and Microfiltration in the pre-treatment of RO/Resin systems.

In absence of any competing or better option, Hollow fibre has no comparative benchmark. However, with the development of our thigh UF chemistry and a robust membrane module, the HFUF05 membrane is by far a more comprehensive solution, especially when it comes to the removal of COLLOIDAL SILICA, TURBIDITY from the feed apart from lowering the SDI. With its hydrophilic neutral surface and tight pore size, it removes residual organics such as humic acids, BOD, and COD due to contamination in water. This is an indigenous membrane developed in-house at Permionics, tried and tested on effluents, STP outlets and surface waters with excellent results. We would like to introduce TURBOCATCH System as a pre-treatment to DM or RO systems for providing colloidal silica & Turbidity free and low fouling feed to the resin or membrane system.


The finest way of ensuring maximum removal of colloidal silica with Permionics TURBOCATCH system where spiral UF is used with a molecular weight cut off (MWCO) of 5000 Da. This tight UF membranes removal is 99.5% non-reactive silica.

Component Hollow fibre (100 kDa) TURBOCATCH Spiral UF (5 kDa)
Colloidal Silica 95%-96% 99.5%
Turbidity < 3 NTU < 0.2 NTU

Scheme proposed for Wastewater

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