Oil & Gas

We offer a wide range of applications in the oil & gas industry including sulphur recovery, pretreatment of water, wastewater and effluent management, etc.

Further, our cutting-edge PEWS technology offers a wide range of applications across electro-coagulation, electro-oxidation, and electro-floatation processes such as – breaking down oil-water emulsions, coalescing suspended solids for gravity separation, creating oxidizing agents, disinfecting bacteria, breaking up dissolved organic matter, lifting solids into a surface mat, creating a micro-sized cloud of gas bubbles over the entire water surface, etc.

Every industry is unique and demands a unique problem-solving approach. To ensure that we deliver the perfect solution for your challenge – we work with your team to carefully consider all available options, and if necessary design a solution that can achieve the exact outcome you aim for.

Our Offerings for Oil & Gas

  • Sulphur recovery from slurry
  • Pretreatment of water
  • Effluent treatment and wastewater management

Case Studies

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