Permionics’ cutting-edge membrane science expertise has provided a key advantage to global pharmaceutical businesses, needed to achieve varying degrees of product purity – particularly in situations where traditional processes such as centrifugation, extraction, distillation, and chromatography – fall short.

With a wide range of make and cut-off options, and the ability to custom-design a solution that fits your business needs. Our membranes are compatible with a wide variety of hydrophilic and hydrophobic solvents, effectively replacing the cost and energy-intensive distillation systems. Using these systems, you can recover your solvents and recycle them, further improving cost economics for the entire process.

Our Offerings for Pharmaceuticals

USP Water:

  • Raw water pre-treatment & USP water generation
  • Automation with PLC and SCADA systems
  • Quality assurance with validation documents including DQ, IQ, OQ, etc.


  • Concentration and purification of product from dilute
  • lon-exchange washings
  • Recovering product and reducing ETP load
  • Desalting of product using a combination of NF and Chromatography for 99.9% purity
  • Recovery of Solvent such as Methanol from mother liquor using solvent-stable NF membranes thus reducing distillation costs

Case Studies

Wastewater Case study

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The release of untreated pharmaceutical wastewater, containing contaminants, into water sources and river channels has adverse effects on both the...

Multi phase Comprehensive Membrane Solution Helps Pharma Megacorp Recover Active...

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the purity of active compounds directly impacts the safety and quality of life of the patients they...

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