Total Water Management for Solar

Empowering India’s Largest Solar Wafer Plant with a Complete Water Management Solution

Revolutionizing Recovery

Multi Phase Membrane Solution Enhances Pharma Corporation’s Active Compound Retrieval, Boosting Cost Efficiency and Innovation

Sulfate Recovery: A Game-Changer in Chloro-Alkali Industry

Enhancing Efficiency by Removing Sulfates Without Chemical Additives or Waste

46 years

of delivering customized membrane solutions


projects and installations delivered worldwide


high-value, active compounds recovered every day


kilo-litres of industrial demand for fresh water reduced per day


Having developed breakthrough innovations in membrane systems and technology for a multitude of industries, we continue our pursuit of excellence to create solutions that have a positive impact on businesses, and the world.

Products and Solutions

With a wide range of product and service offerings, we take an agile, design-thinking approach to create the perfect solution that fits your need. We move fast and deliver value while keeping costs efficient and product quality top-notch.

HPA RO Membranes

Backed by a strong R&D team, our crafted membrane science solutions ensure that your end product meets and exceeds industry standards.

Ultra Pure Water

High-purity and ultrapure water solutions which play a key role across water-intensive industries such as solar energy, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and more.

Process Membranes

We offer the MF/UF/NF/RO membranes with various molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO) and different polymer chemistries.

Process & Integrated Solutions

Break through barriers, as we help design and implement a custom-designed process solution that can address your specific requirements.

Waste Water Management

From design to implementation, operation, and long-term servicing of advanced wastewater treatment systems, we do it all.

Maintenance & Technical Support

We work as long-term partners to ensure that your team is supported with technical expertise and on-ground system management through our maintenance contracts.

About Permionics

We have over 50 years of legacy building high-quality membranes and liquid separation solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications.

We are today leading the way with breakthrough technology that helps you perfect your products. As we continue to collaborate with the global scientific community to develop sustainable solutions in the liquid separation space, our expertise and energies are focused on integrating membrane systems with upstream and downstream technologies for turnkey product manufacturing solutions.


Building trust through industry standards.


We aim to leave the world, slightly better than we found it. Our membrane solutions reduce the hazardous waste released by industries while recovering high-quality water for further use – delivering a two-pronged positive impact on our environment.


Some esteemed businesses that we have done excellent work with.

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