Systems manufactured to meet FDA and CE compliance
Pioneer of Membrane Technology
Permionics has the unique distinction of being the FIRST & ONLY company in India till date to ingenuously manufacture Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra-Filtration(Ultra-filtration), Nano-Filtration Membranes for various process-specific applications and Waste Water Recycling, Zero Liquid Discharge, Purified Water, Desalination of Sea Water and USP purified water system.
Satyajai Mayor
Satyajai Mayor
Managing Director





Innovative Technologies

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Projects & Installations

Permionics has executed more than 10,000 projects and installations in India and other countries.

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Years of Experience

Founded in 1980, Permionics has proprietary rights to the design and manufacturing practices for a range of membrane technologies.

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As OriginClear’s strategic partner, Permionics intends to greatly expand their mutual presence throughout Asia and the Pacific.


  • Cellulose Acetate sheet and spiral wound element manufacturing plant commissioned
  • Membrane solution for Streptomycin Concentration
  • Worlds First UF System for Papain Enzyme Concentration
  • Commissioned India’s First RO system for droughy affected Village Water Desalination
  • India’s First Plant for Metal recovery in Electroplating Industry
  • “Perma” Thinflim Polyamide Spiral wound membrane
  • India’s First NF system for Dye Desalting & Concentration
  • India’s First UF system for Gelatine Concentration
  • India’s First UF system for Distillery Effluent Treatments
  • India’s First System for Recovery & Recycle of Textile Dye Effluent
  • NF System for concentration of Tea Extract
  • NF for De-colurizing & Recovery of Dye Bath effluent.
  • Concentration & Purification of Food Dyes.
  • Brine Recovery System from Sugar refining columns.
  • System for Laundry Treatment installed in UK
  • Acid Recovery from Etching bath
  • First NF System installed for Pharma API enrichment & Methanol recovery
  • Partnership with EIL for Sulphur recovery – World first Sulphur recovery system in ONGC Kakinada
  • First plant for Chicken peptide concentration using membranes
  • First plant for Thaumatin Sweetener Purification & Concentration
  • India’s First UF & NF system for Soya Protein Isolate Purification
  • Membrane Systems installed for skimmed Milk SNF enchancement & Milk protein standardization
  • India’s First MF, UF, NF Systems installed for LBM to Biofuel Plant -Recovering Acids, Alkali and Enzymes for Recycle
  • India,s First plant for Protein /Peptide recovery from Fish processing waste (Stick water)
  • Launch of High purity division by Permionics Group
  • India’s First CMF Ceramic System for Nano-particle Purification
  • MF + UF System for Bacterial & Fungal Enzymes Downstream processing
  • UF System installed for BET (endotoxin) removal from Pharma API
  • CMF Ceramic membrane systems installed for Collagen Peptides systems installed in Egypt & India
  • Ceramic MF & UF system installed for Serratia Peptidase Enzyme Down stream processing
  • Membrane systems installed for Herbal Alcoholic extracts -Bacopa, Punica, Turmeric enrichment
  • First UF + RO installation for Surami Processing – Recovering Proteins & Water
  • First CRU System for Aluminium separation and Caustic recovery
  • First MF + UF + NF system installed for Bran based Products processing
  • NF System installed for selectively deashing & concentration of Skimmed Milk
  • NF System installed for Lignin Enrichment & Caustic recovery post Delignification
  • US FDA apporved systems installed for Stevioglycoside enrichment for world’s largest Stevia Plant
  • Membrane Systems installed for skimmed Milk SNF enchancement & Milk protein standardization
  • First UF Two stage systems installed at Italy recovering Enzymes and Product post Biotransformation reaction
  • MF + UF system installed for Cellulase Enzyme Purification & concentration from Fermentation
  • UF System installed for removal of Heavy metals from Almond Proteins
  • 20 MLD BOO installation at Nandesari Industries Cluster, Vadodara for providing RO water from Borewell and waste water
  • NF system insalled for API (Diclofenac Sodium, Pentosan Polysulphate) purification
  • Membrane systems installed for Purification of Products from spices extracts
  • First MF + UF system installed for Blue Protein purifcation from Spirulina Algae
  • Installed -Hematinic API Purification system
  • Two Stage UF system for purification of an excepient for Life saving Antiviral drug for COVID
  • Membrane System for CBD Oil Extract Winterization & Desolvation

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