Permionics Solidifies its Position in the Global Water Market
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About Permonics

Permionics has been the pioneer of Membrane technology in India. Permionics has the unique distinction of being the FIRST & ONLY company in India till date to indigenously manufacture Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra-Filtration(Ultrafiltration), Nano-Filtration Membranes for various process-specific applications and Waste Water Recycling, Zero Liquid Discharge, Purified Water, Desalination of Sea Water and USP purified water system.

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Process Application

Process Application



Bio Processing


Water As a Service

Permionics Owns and Operates the 18 MLD NIA Facility with its trained manpower and controls the operations through Automated PLC controlled SCADA system that can also remotely be accessed. Water coming out of the system is metered and billed monthly to the Association and then pumped through the storage tank into the pipeline for distribution. The proximity to our factory and with vendors who are our regular suppliers of key components, the project is already proving to be a success and is operating at maximum efficiency with the demand for our produced water getting higher by the day.

Research And Development

The Permionics Technologies Group continues the strong commitment to value creation and emphasis on project collaboration ensures rapid and efficient transfer of new technologies on a global basis. Continuous R&D and steady interaction with incubator laboratories across the world enables us to incorporate the very latest technologies in our solutions. Our operating philosophy being Concept to Completion accelerates the process of evaluation and, if necessary, tweaking it, to suit actual user requirements.

Custom Membrane & Systems Solutions

A complete solution provider across the Membrane Separation Spectrum, with a presence in almost all industry segments where membranes can find their use. Membrane development is a continuous process and that is where we also stand out and that which has enabled us to fulfil our founder’s vision of being India’s only Membrane Production Facility. A full-fledged casting and coating facility backed by spiral winding facilities supports our systems manufacturing division to customize our offering to our customers.


RO Boon or Bane
Creating sustainable environment for industries