Wastewater management

Traditional wastewater treatment methods such as evaporation reservoirs and holding tanks are no longer financially feasible or environmentally appropriate – and as a result, face tight scrutiny from industry regulators. Our membranes on the other hand offer cost-efficient, environmentally friendly solutions helping you not only do what’s right for the business but also for the world.

We offer comprehensive wastewater management solutions, from design to implementation, operation, and long-term servicing of advanced wastewater treatment and zero liquid discharge systems. Our domain expertise & experience gathered over the past four decades give us an edge over our competition to offer tailor-made optimized solutions for various industries, commercial, rural, hospitality, defence establishments to help them reduce, reuse or recycle water.

Zero Liquid Discharge Solutions

For a better business, for a better planet

Our extensive knowledge and experience over the last five decades allow us to innovate better industrial wastewater management solutions that can guarantee up to zero liquid waste from the plant.

These ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) systems enable efficient recycling of wastewater – maximizing water utilization within the plant while ensuring sustainable management of effluents with no adverse impact on the environment.

Deployed in various combinations like recycle & reuse, evaporation & crystallization – our customized membrane systems have achieved Zero Liquid Discharge, resulting in the entire volume of water used in any industrial process being recycled to the back for use within the plant.

Such breakthrough innovations help our customer businesses bring down expenses while adopting a process that’s better for the environment as well.

Innovative Technologies

With our extensive knowledge and experience over 46 years, we have developed and deployed various innovative technologies and processes across industries, aiming to meet customer needs and ensure a sustainable approach to water management. A few technologies are listed below;

Ultra-Fine Filtration
Treated STP Water TSS and Turbidity Removal

Ultra-fine Filtration is the latest generation in Zeolite-based filtration media. Traditional sand and multimedia were satisfactory for some water treatment, but due to strict norms at STP outlets that require almost pure water demanded a media that not only filters down to 5micron but saves time and money in application and usability.

TSS and Turbidity Removal

Indigenously developed in-house at Permionics, this is tried and tested on effluents, STP outlets, and surface water with excellent results. The TURBOCATCH system handles variable water quality and turbidity spikes while providing consistent outlet water quality. Its Hydrophilic neutral surface and tight pore size enable efficient removal of residual organics such as humic acids, BOD, and COD due to fecal contamination in treated sewage, surface, and river water feeds.

Electro Water Separation (EWS)
An intervention to oily wastewater pre-treatment in Refineries

Is a highly scalable, continuous breakthrough water cleanup technology that uses electricity in small, programmed doses to gather oils and suspended solids. This technology is very effective in the treatment of wastewater generated in Oil refineries. It replaces existing oil separators, flocculation, sludge thickening processes and provides an economic advantage, saving on chemical costs, opex and capex costs.

Purge RO (P-RO) System
Higher recovery systems

Permionics’ Purge Reverse Osmosis process is an elegant way of operating crossflow reverse osmosis membranes in a highly efficient and flexible simple filtration device. Like any simple filtration device, Purge RO features equal feed and permeate flow rates during normal operation mode. At a software-based set point, the system automatically flushes out all the concentrate, returning to its normal operation mode. During the concentrate flush step, the system continues to be fed and to generate permeate, while concentrate is pushed out of the system in one sweep.

Sulphur recovery system

SULREC Technology is a partnership between Engineers India Limited (EIL) and Permionics Membranes Private Limited (PMPL). It is an innovative process for maximizing sulphur recovery for important Oil & Gas industry applications. The SULREC process enables efficient recovery of sulphur by breaking down the Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) to form fine sulphur colloids that is then sent to a filter press to produce sulphur cakes.

Brine Concentrator (BCR) System

BCR Technology aims to meet customer goals of sustainability and zero liquid discharge. Available both as a standalone product or as a turnkey solution from feed to ZLD, the system concentrates the brine from 6% to as high as 24% depending on the concentration of the brine, resulting in high recovery and reduction of disposal and evaporation costs.

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