Food & Beverages

High-quality demands of the food processing industry make it a unique challenge for businesses to meet fast-changing consumer demands for quality, safe, and nutritious products while keeping costs low. Further, it might not be enough to merely meet regulatory standards, if you are to make your mark as a quality producer of processed foods.

This is where our decades of experience and global expertise come in to offer cost-effective solutions across a wide range of process applications. From extracting products to removing contaminants, recovering materials, purifying process streams, and treating outgoing effluents in line with environmental discharge standards – our membrane systems give you the leading edge in keeping your production seamless, reducing costs, and improving the yield and quality of the end-product.

Our Offerings for Food & Beverage

  • Product extraction and clarification
  • Product concentration
  • Color enhancement and quality improvement
  • Contaminant removal, purification, and product recovery
  • Effluent treatment plant and wastewater management

Specialized Solutions

Case Studies

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In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the purity of active compounds directly impacts the safety and quality of life of the patients they...

Empowering India’s Largest Solar Wafer Plant with Complete Water Management

This case study covers Permionics’ client story, a leader in this fast-growing industry of solar-wafer manufacturing, as we work together...

Breaking Barriers Through Innovative Membrane Solutions: Supercharged Nutraceutical Production from...

As a reliable and safe alternative to heat-treatment extraction processes, our membrane system offered our client, a remarkable alternative solution...

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