A Legacy of Excellence,
A Future of Innovation

With over 50 years of experience in building high-quality membranes and liquid separation solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications, Permionics is the first manufacturer of RO , UF , NF membranes in India. Leading the way with breakthrough technology that helps a wide range of businesses worldwide achieve product purity, cost-effectively and sustainably.

While Permionics’ primary offerings range across total water and wastewater management, bio-processing, high-purity water, and ultra-pure water – their R&D teams work relentlessly to develop newer, innovative solutions that cater to changing market needs.

Our Vision

We envision an energy-efficient, cleaner, and sustainable future driven by industry-wide innovation and breakthrough scientific research, delivering pure, effective, and contaminant-free products to global humankind.

Our Mission

We work on a mission to create breakthrough technologies that help businesses perfect their products.

We work on a mission to create breakthrough technologies that help businesses perfect their products. With extensive knowledge from design to implementation, operation, and long-term servicing of advanced membrane systems, we remain partners of choice, to create solutions that have a positive impact on businesses, and the world.

Our Team

Spearheaded by visionaries and innovative thinkers, the Permionics team works with a strong focus on research and development, and an agile, design-thinking mindset for effective problem-solving.

We know that our role goes beyond a mere supplier of a membrane, to an expert ascertaining the quality and value that can be derived from your product. And we leave no stone unturned, in delivering nothing short of the absolute best.

Message From Our MD

In 1976, our founder, my father, introduced membrane technology in India with the goal of providing affordable, clean drinking water nationwide. He pioneered the development of membrane casting and spiral element winding machines, enabling India’s first production of RO and UF membranes for industrial use and comprehensive water treatment systems.

We’ve expanded globally for nearly five decades, offering diverse membrane-based solutions across industries, emphasizing sustainability and minimal environmental impact. Our focus now includes integrating membrane systems with other technologies for complete manufacturing solutions, fostering global technology transfer, and enhancing industrial processes. We’re committed to prioritizing the planet and our customers in our ongoing journey.

– Satyajai Mayor

Our Milestones

Humble Beginnings


  • Cellulose Acetate sheet and spiral wound element manufacturing plant commissioned for Water Desalination
  • Developed a membrane solution for Streptomycin Concentration


  • World’s First UF System for Papain Enzyme Concentration
  • Commissioned India’s First RO system for drought-affected Village Water Desalination
  • India’s First Plant for Metal Recovery in Electroplating Industry
  • Perma” Thinflim Polyamide Spiral wound membrane
  • India’s First NF system for Dye Desalting & Concentration


  • India’s First UF System for Gelatine Concentration
  • India’s First UF System for Distillery Effluent Treatments
  • India’s First System for Recovery & Recycle of Textile Dye Effluent
  • NF System for Concentration of Tea Extract


  • NF System for De-colorizing and Recovery of Dye Bath effluent.
  • Concentration and purification of Food Dyes
  • Brine Recovery System from Sugar Refining Columns.
  • System for Laundry Treatment installed in UK
  • Acid Recovery from Etching Bath
  • First NF System installed for Pharmaceutical API enrichment & Methanol recovery
  • Partnership with EIL for Sulphur recovery – the world’s first Sulphur recovery system in ONGC, Kakinada


  • First plant for Chicken peptide concentration, Protein /Peptide recovery from Fish processing waste using membranes
  • First plant for Thaumatin Sweetener Purification & Concentration
  • India’s First UF & NF system for Soya Protein Isolate Purification, LBM to Biofuel Plant -Recovering Acids, Alkali and Enzymes for Recycle
  • Membrane Systems installed for skimmed Milk SNF enhancement and milk protein standardization
  • Launch of High purity division by Permionics Group
  • India’s First CMF Ceramic System for Nano-particle Purification
  • MF + UF System for Bacterial & Fungal Enzymes Downstream processing
  • CMF Ceramic membrane systems installed for Collagen Peptides systems installed in Egypt & India, Serratia Peptidase Enzyme Downstream processing
  • US FDA-approved systems installed for Stevioglycoside enrichment for the world’s largest Stevia Plant in Peru
  • First UF Two-stage systems installed in Italy recovering Enzymes and Products post Biotransformation reaction
  • 20 MLD BOO installation at Nandesari Industries Cluster, Vadodara for providing RO water from Borewell and wastewater
  • First MF + UF system installed for Blue Protein purification from Spirulina Algae


  • Two-stage UF system for purification of an excipient for Life-saving Antiviral drug for COVID
  • Turned to High-efficiency mask manufacturing during the COVID-19 crisis to help with the pandemic.
  • Membrane System for CBD Oi Extract Winterization & Desolvation


As leaders in developing cutting-edge membrane technology to better manage wastewater, we aim to create a positive impact on the environment and the world.

Energy Conservation

Energy-efficient solutions for separation, concentration, and purification across industries reduce carbon footprint compared to conventional energy-intensive processes like evaporation, distillation, and chemical treatments.

Water Conservation

80-90% high-quality water recovery from wastewater streams that can be recycled within the industrial plants.

Responsible effluent disposal

Zero-liquid waste solutions ensure no effluent liquids are discharged into the environment, paving the way for a positive ecological impact.

Better resource utilization

Highly-effective recovery of a variety of products in industrial processes resulting in reduced wastage, improved cost-economics for the business, and effective use of resources.

Join our team

At Perminonics, we’re always on the lookout for passionate individuals who share our vision and values. If you’re eager to be a part of our dynamic team and contribute to our mission, we want to hear from you.

To explore exciting career opportunities with us, please send your resume and a brief introduction to [Email Address] with the subject line “Joining Permionics Team.” We can’t wait to learn more about you and your potential contribution to our journey.

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