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kilo-litres of industrial demand for fresh water reduced per year

No matter which industry you operate in, we have the expertise to help you break through barriers, and develop the perfect process solution that can address your specific requirements. Our solutions form key components in world-changing industry sectors including solar energy, Green hydrogen, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, F&B herbal-based nutraceuticals, biofuel generation, etc.

From basic process development to complete process flow sheet and P&ID preparation along with Layout and detailed engineering for mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems in the project, Permionics stands out as a customized turnkey process solution provider in the liquid-liquid separation space.

With over 3000 installations globally, we have a deep expertise in developing and commercializing membrane applications adding value for separation, purification and concentrations for various industrial processes.


Application Solvent Recovery and Product Concentration from Pharma.

Installation Installations for Methanol, Ethanol, Acetonitrile recovery concentrating API

Herbal Extracts

Application Enrichment/ Purification of Herbal extract (alcoholic / aqueous)

Installation Installations for Aloe Vera, Fenugreek, Bacopa, Amaranthus, Turmeric etc. Removal of Heavy Metals installation for Badam protein extract


Application Concentration of Natural Sugars

Installation Stevia glycosides worlds largest plant installed in Peru. Installation for Xylose and Glucose concentration


Application Purification/ Concentration/ De-salting of API

Installation Installation for API (Pentosan, B-Cyclodextrine..etc). Enzymes (Serritia, Papain, Cellulases…etc)

Installation for Hematenic API (Iron Carboxy Maltose) Installation for Amoxicillin, Citicholine

Food & Beverages

Application Enrichment & Clarifications

Installation Installation for Apple juice, Pilots for Coffee, Tea, Egg liquid.

Textiles / Dyes

Application Separation/ Purification and De-salting

Installation Installations for Dye Desalting/ purification, Brine recovery, Caustic recovery from mercerizing baths

Sugar Refinery

Application Brine Recovery

Installation Multiple Installations for 95% Brine Recovery Systems (BRS)

Bio Process

Application Separations

Installation Installation for Antibiotics, Organics acids, Fatty acids, Carbohydrates, Polymers


Application Concentration and Clarification

Installation Installations for Stick water concentration, De-ashing, Peptide clarifications, Suarmi protein & water recovery

Bio Process

Application Product Clarification

Installation Installation for Collagen Peptide, Lignocellulosic/Agro processes (TSS, NTU removal)

Oil and Gas

Application Chemical Separations

Installation Sulphate removal and Brine recovery, Catalyst, Acid, Alkali Recovery, Nanoparticles

Edible Oil

Application Separation and De gumming

Installation Degumming of Oil, Separation for FAA from TG


Application Concentration and Fractionation

Installation Whey/Milk Deashing, Concentration and fractionation; CIP water recovery

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