High-purity and Ultrapure water solutions

We offer the highest purity standard of sterile, distilled, and injectable, USP-quality water optimized for application in pharmaceutical manufacturing and molecular biology processes; as well as ultrapure water solutions that play a key role in wafer cleaning, rinsing, surface conditioning, wet etching, solvent process, chemical mechanical planarization, and slurry production, for solar wafer manufacturing plants.

Solar wafer manufacturing demands high precision and purity to ensure the efficiency and longevity of photovoltaic cells. Ultrapure water (UPW), typically produced through advanced purification methods using cutting-edge membrane technologies, is used in the cleaning and etching stages of cell manufacturing – to remove impurities, residues, and contaminants from the surface of silicon wafers.

This ensures a pristine substrate for the subsequent deposition and patterning processes. In this industry, the quality of UPW, directly indicates the quality of the end product delivered. So, the better the water quality – the lower the defects in the solar wafers, resulting in a higher yield of reliable and functional photovoltaic cells.


  • Increased efficiency of photovoltaic cells and better energy conversion.
  • Extended equipment lifespan, by preventing the accumulation of impurities and scaling
  • Reduced defects resulting in a higher yield of reliable and functional photovoltaic cells.

As the world transitions towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, the versatility of hydrogen across different sectors makes it a key player in the future of the global energy landscape. Pure hydrogen finds applications across various industries including aerospace, clean energy (hydrogen fuel cells), metal reduction, food processing, etc. due to its unique properties as a clean and versatile energy carrier.

Our Ultrapure water enables the production of high-purity hydrogen through hydrogen electrolyzers, making it suitable for various applications, including fuel cells.

Hydrogen electrolyzers require high-purity water to ensure optimal performance and longevity, at various stages of the electrolysis process including – electrolyte preparation, feedwater for electrolysis, and electrode cleaning. Further, ultrapure water is also a key component in maintaining optimal operating temperatures, preventing overheating, and ensuring the stability of the electrolysis process.

Semiconductor manufacturing is a highly sophisticated process that involves the creation of integrated circuits (ICs) and other electronic components on a microscopic scale. This industry plays a pivotal role in the production of electronic devices, from microprocessors and memory chips to sensors and transistors. The semiconductor manufacturing process is a complex sequence of steps, each contributing to the precision and functionality of the final electronic components.

Manufacturing semiconductors is a water-intensive process, demanding large volumes of ultra-pure quality water to ensure the reliability and performance of electronic components. Ultrapure water is used in multiple steps during the semiconductor manufacturing process, including cleaning, chemical and photoresist mixing, rinsing, etching, etc.

Permionics’ UPW offering, caters to the high-quality requirements of the semiconductor industry, delivering with utmost consistency every single time.

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