SOLREC – Solvent Recovery Membrane

Membranes for Organic Solvent Processing’s

Distillation is commonly used unit operation for recovery of solvents from different industrial streams. Permionics have developed Series of Nanofiltration membranes compatible with different hydrophilic solvents – primary alcohols i.e. ethanol, methanol.

Our NF membranes are deployed to concentrate various dilute products present in alcoholic/ hydro alcoholic  streams – API/ bulk drug in Pharma, Herbal extracts or Bio-based product. SOLREC system not only helps to enrich the products from dilute streams & recover solvents  in most economical way for recycle back to process but also helps in purifying product for some processes streams based on feed compositions.  Our SOLREC systems are commercially used by various industries for recovering solvents reducing hydraulic load of evaporation thus improving process economics.


  • NF Different chemistry available in different cut offs from 100 to 1000Da that covers near complete spectrum of Nanofiltration range.
  • Net outer wrap for sanitary applications available in all sizes 1521,2540,4040 & 8040.
  • Modules stable a high temperature (60-70 ◦C) and operating pH range 2-11 is significant advantage.
  • Flame proof system, continuous operation with automation (PLC/ HMI) customized skids.
  • Pilot plant testing for concept proof at our lab and customer site are available

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