Helping Indian Industries Conserve Our Most Important Resource: Water

Water scarcity in India is a pressing issue exacerbated by rapid industrialization, population growth, urbanization, and climate change. Groundwater depletion, inefficient water management practices, and pollution of surface and groundwater sources – all significantly contribute to the water crisis facing the Indian domestic and industrial landscape.

Further, industrial activities contribute to water pollution through the discharge of untreated or inadequately treated wastewater containing pollutants such as heavy metals, organic chemicals, and toxic substances. This pollution not only degrades water quality but also poses risks to human health and ecosystems, particularly in areas with high industrial concentrations.


With the proud legacy of bringing the first-ever RO system for domestic and industrial water purification to India – we at Permionics have water conservation deeply ingrained as a core, moral principle. Every project we take up, however elaborate or small – is built around ethical values of reducing the burden on water sources, as well as mitigating water pollution through our wastewater management processes.

We have developed and implemented a variety of industrial processes, for a wide range of sectors of every scale over the last 50 years. Here is a quick insight into how we help industries conserve water and take a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to industrial development.

Water purification for industrial use

Every industry demands a certain degree of water purity for effective functioning, but might not have ready access to a pure water source that is directly fit for use. Our membrane technology can help industries in any location, use the water source available to them, and remove contaminants that interfere with their industrial process effectively. As a result, there is a lower burden on transporting precious water resources to the industrial site throughout the year.

We offer a variety of membranes across – Reverse Osmosis (RO), Microfiltration (MF), Nanofiltration (NF), and Ultrafiltration (UF) technologies – each of which plays a unique and critical role in industrial water purification by selectively removing contaminants and impurities from water, producing high-quality water for various industrial processes. The choice of membrane technology depends on factors such as feed water quality, desired water purity levels, and specific treatment objectives.

Our uniquely designed and locally manufactured membrane solutions can be deployed in water sources including –

  1. Groundwater
  2. Brackish water
  3. Sea water

And many other types of industrial water.

Our HPA (High-Performance Architecture) technology membranes come with a hydrophilized coating, FRP wrapping, and Turboclean Design and offer high best possible recovery.

Water recovery from industrial processes

Most industrial processes demand a high volume of water for processes, where it serves as a solvent, coolant, cleaning agent, and raw material. Once the water is utilized in the process, it is contaminated with sediments, salts, chemicals etc. rendering it useless for reuse. As a result, this is released as wastewater into the environment.

This poses two problems – the obvious one being the pollution of groundwater in the industrial area. And second is a constant and continuous demand for water for the process leading to higher water costs and scarcity. Both these concerns can be effectively addressed by implementing a water recovery membrane process.

As the wastewater stream passes through our membranes, it is purified to the extent that it may be reused within the industry over and over again. This provides a multi-pronged benefit –

  1. Lower dependence on freshwater sources
  2. Lower cost of water purchase\
  3. Lower water burden on the environment
  4. Lesser environmental impact of polluting, wastewater released into water bodies.

Wastewater treatment & management

According to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), only about 30% of India’s wastewater is treated before being discharged into water bodies. Many industrial clusters, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), lack access to centralized wastewater treatment facilities, resulting in significant pollution of rivers and groundwater resources.

Further, traditional wastewater treatment methods such as evaporation reservoirs and holding tanks are no longer financially feasible or environmentally appropriate – and as a result, face tight scrutiny from industry regulators. Our membranes on the other hand offer cost-efficient, environmentally friendly solutions helping you not only do what’s right for the business but also the world.

We work directly with such industries to deploy customized long-term solutions for wastewater treatment through membranes and membrane systems. Benefits include:

  • Scalable solution based on industry size and requirement
  • Cost-effective solution with quick ROI and low operating costs
  • Low energy demand – further leading to cost-savings
  • Non-chemical treatment
  • No heavy machinery needed
  • Sustainable & environmentally responsible

Zero Liquid Discharge Solutions (ZLD)

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a wastewater treatment process designed to eliminate liquid waste discharge from industrial processes. In a ZLD system, all wastewater generated by industrial operations undergoes treatment processes to remove contaminants and pollutants, resulting in the production of solid residues and clean water suitable for reuse.

Our ZLD systems can be deployed in various combinations like recycle & reuse, evaporation & crystallization. As a result, we help prevent the contamination of water bodies and ecosystems by ensuring that no liquid effluent is discharged into the environment.

At the same time, our processes also enable the recovery of valuable resources such as salts and minerals from wastewater, which can be reused or sold for various industrial applications. Such breakthrough innovations help our customer businesses bring down expenses while adopting a process that’s better for the environment as well.


Having been in the business of large-scale, industrial water purification for over five decades, we have the mastery to implement this process for businesses of every scale and industry. Our extensive knowledge and experience in industrial wastewater management allow us to offer comprehensive solutions, from design to implementation, operation, and long-term servicing of advanced wastewater treatment and zero liquid discharge systems.

These systems enable efficient recycling of wastewater – maximizing water utilization within the plant while ensuring sustainable management of effluents with no adverse impact on the environment. Our custom-designed membrane systems can ensure zero-liquid discharge from your industry – meaning 100% of the water used in a process can be recovered and recycled into the plant.

By offering sustainable, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of industrial applications – we play a crucial part in reducing their pollution footprint and helping them take an environmentally responsible approach to business.

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