PURIZYME – Membranes for Enzyme Processing

Permionics has pioneered in the downstream processing of various Enzymes. We custom-design and engineer complete membrane-based systems from pilot to commercial scale for processing of enzymes from fermentation or natural/herbal extraction processes. Our Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane process has proven to add value to concentrate, purify, enhance yield and reduce downstream costs for processing enzymes for various industries. 

Permionics have pioneered a world-first membrane system for the Papain enzyme concentration. Since then we have developed and established commercial systems for various enzymes processing from Fermentation and natural sources for Serratia peptidase, Proteases, Cellulases, Xylanases, Papain, Oxidative enzymes …etc.

  • The concentration of Enzymes along with its purification by removing organics and inorganics.
  • Wide range of UF membranes with different chemistries, MWCO ranging from 1 to 100KDa enabling complete retention of enzyme and desired separation. 
  • UF membrane stable at a high temperature (60-70 C) – adds to effective cleaning lowering biofouling.
  • Net outer wrap for sanitary applications available in all sizes 1521,2540,4040 & 8040.
  • Pilot plant testing for concept proof at our lab and customer site both options are available 

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