Membrane Solution for Textiles

The textile industry is a large consumer of water and continually strives to minimize pollution as regulation becomes stringent, particularly when dyeing cotton and cotton blend fabrics where a lot of salts and color dye pollutants are discharged into water. The conventional processes to remove these pollutants from wastewater are difficult and costly. Due to an increase of cost of fresh water, industries are looking at ways to decrease the water consumption by the reclamation of wastewater. For the solution of this Permionics has been supplying membrane based plants to the textile industry for several years for dye bath & wash water effluent treatment. Permionics has a very extensive experience of deploying membrane technology in the textile industry for brine, caustic, color and water reclamation from the effluent.

Brine Recovery

Permionics has developed membrane systems which have proved to be significant for energy and waste savings by employing membrane systems to reuse textile dye bath brines. HPA NF membrane technology offers a means to recover reusable brine while also providing for more efficient wastewater treatment. Permeate recovered from the HPA NF process contains salt and is suitable to reuse in the dye cycle.

Caustic Recovery from Mercerizing Bath

Permionics has designed and manufactures special alkaline resistant membranes to recover spent caustic from the mercerizing bath. The permeate stream obtained from our membrane systems would comprise of colorless caustic that is free from any starch or cotton fibres and color. Integrating our membranes for recovering and reusing of caustic will reduce the caustic consumption and thus will also reduce the fresh water consumption. This will add value as the load of alkaline effluent coming to the ETP will be reduced by a huge extent and thus the acid consumption for neutralization will also go down substantially.

Color Removal

In the textile industry, the printing operation uses large quantities of water for washing and this generates wastewater stream with fine pigments and binders having high color and BOD. Our membrane process can remove the color and reduce COD & BOD by 90-95% and provide colorless water that can be recycled back to the print machine for reuse directly.


Permionics offers various combinations like Recycle & Reuse, Evaporation & Crystallization in designing Zero Liquid Discharge Systems in accordance with the unique requirement of the customer. The textile operation requires large quantities of water for washing. Thus the generated wastewater is laden with dye and other inorganic & organic impurities giving a stream with high color and BOD. Permionics membrane system removes this color and other impurities and provides a clean water stream that can be recycled back to the different processes for reuse.In order to reclaim maximum amount of water, Permionics have successfully installed the three stage system for various clients. Permionics’ proprietary membranes have the ability to handle the high COD effluent and gives better flux and a longer life due to lower fouling tendency.