Membrane Solutions for Pharma

Permionics due to its wide range of membranes available in different make and cutoff is best suited for processing of pharmaceutical bulk drugs, APIs and inetermediates. We supply technologies to pharma for concentration, purification, separation of the compounds cost-effectively, enabling a high-product yield. Our highly specialized membranes can successfully replace centrifugation, extraction, distillation and chromatography wherever possible to provide the most economical solutions. 

Impurities Removal from API

In some pharmaceutical processes where the traditional methods for purifying API’s using extraction & chromatography does not work, our membrane can help to purify the API based on the size differences in the API and the impurities. Integrating membranes for purifying API adds value as our membranes offer better savings compared to all other conventional purification technologies.

Solvent / Product Recovery

We provide membranes that are compatible with different hydrophilic and hydrophobic solvents to replace the conventional distillation – energy consuming process. Our membranes can concentrate the dilute product/ API and recover the solvents that can be recycled back thus improving the economics.