Membrane Solution for Biotech / Bio-processes

Permionics supports different biotech application by our wide range of membranes that helps to purify products, enhance yield, reduce cost and provide selective separations. Our efficient processes are widely used for different application involving separations, concentrations or purification of various biobased product made by fermentation or biocatalysis process. Our membranes can be used for all types of biomolecules i.e. fine chemicals, amino acids, vitamins, antibiotics, polymers, polysaccharides, antibiotics and enzymes.

  • Fermentation broth:

 Recovery of product from the fermentation broth is important step after any fermentation processes that is done using bacterial, yeast or fungal cells. We provide cross flow MF membrane system that is used for clarification of the broth and subsequently to wash out the remaining product from the cells (called diafiltration) achieving complete recovery of the product. We have experience and have supplied our membranes system capable of handling the cell densities ranging from 2 % to 40% (w/v) present in the fermentation broths.

  • Separations / Purification :

Membrane based solutions available for different biomolecules i.e. Enzymes, Proteins, Peptides, Vitamins, Antibiotics, Polysaccharides, Sugars, Polymers …etc. These solutions are for Separation, Purification, De-salting of Product by UF / NF processes, Concentration / Enrichment of Product by UF, NF, RO processes.

We offer membranes processes that can be deployed for the concentration of the product from the dilute fermentation broth, UF permeates, biocatalysis reaction, natural products / extracts etc. The streams obtained from chromatographic separations are dilute and depending on molecular weight of the product we can provided membrane system for concentration of these dilute streams.

We have wide range of membranes that can be used for concentration of dilute products present in aqueous, acidic, and alkaline and solvents based streams. Different Membrane chemistry compatible with wide pH range 0-14 and suitable for high temperature (60-70C) applications available.

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