Two stage Ultrafiltration (UF) system - Fully automatic PLC based.

System Supplied: Two stage Ultra filtration (UF) system – Fully automatic PLC based.


  • Separation of Oxidative Enzymes from Product, post Bio-transformation.
  • Recovering Product and Enzymes.

End-user Sector: Biopharma

Process Description:

An overseas Pharmaceutical client had a process using enzymes for enzymatic regioselective oxidation. Post biotransformation reaction converting substrate to product there was need to separate these enzymes from the reaction mixture by greener process instead of conventional heat kill method recovering maximum product for the next step. Same was achieved by integrating our two stage membrane solution that was proved with our pilot system in their R&D, generating data for scale up. After successful piloting this process was soon scaled up at their production facility in Europe.

Key Highlights:

  • Permionics two stage membrane system separates 100% of all three oxidative enzyme from the reaction mixture post biotransformation.
  • The resulting permeate shows zero activity for all enzymes as required and has ~98% of interest product recovered for next step.
  • Concentrated enzymes in reject can be subjected to a further membrane process that would further purify all recovered enzymes making them suitable for reuse.
  • Sanitary design, Hot water sanitizable customized membrane system was built under CE guidelines certified by CE auditor.

Installation - Photo