System Supplied: Tubular UF System – Fully automatic PLC based


  • High-quality juice production with respect to color, clarity, and taste
  • Removal of suspended solids and other high molecular solids such as protein and starch

End-user Sector: Food & Beverage 

Process Description:

This plant accommodates Tubular UF membranes ideal for clarification of apple juice. To ensure inexpensive, simple, and rapid membrane replacement an innovative removable core design type Tubular UF membrane was chosen.  Tubular modules are manufactured with materials compliant with FDA, CFR21, and EU regulations. The open channel design processes liquids with high levels of suspended solids without plugging and facilitates highly effective cleaning in place (CIP).

The membrane module is designed in such a way that there is very high turbulence inside the membranes, thus reducing fouling frequency considerably. This system consists of Stainless steel skid for mounting UF Tubular membrane elements. Necessary Control valves are provided with the required instrumentation for safe and automatic (HMI/SCADA) operation.


Key highlights 

  • High quality of the treated juice with respect to color, clarity, and taste
  • High juice recovery, approximately 98-99%
  • Enzyme treatment can be automated and consumption reduced to 25% of traditional quantities
  • The addition of gelatin, bentonite, and kieselguhr can be eliminated
  • Low operating costs (labor, energy, chemicals)
  • Continuous/batch/semi-batch plant operation
  • Sanitary design