SPRAY POND effluent Recycling in Sugar Industry

System Supplied: Pre-treatment + Polisher system + Multi stage RO system + MEE + ATFD (ZLD)


  • Water recovery for utilities
  • Treatment of highly turbid & contaminated spray pond water

End-user Sector: Sugar Industry

Process Description:

Permionics installed a complete ZLD plant at a sugar industry in North India to manage tough-to-treat Spray pond waste-waters. Permionics’s proprietary membrane system, brine concentrators, clubbed with primary treatment & evaporators helped recover more than 95% of spray pond wastewater while reducing the remaining brine as a solid. Permionics’s unique hardness & silica removal process help to run the membrane system with high recovery & controlled the quality of water to be reclaimed or recycled in process.

Permionics SPRAY POND Zero liquid discharge technologies helped the  plant in meeting its discharge and water reuse requirements:

The Scheme consisted  of;

  • Physiochemical process for TSS, hardness & Silica removal
  • Proprietary TURBOCATCH polisher system for removal of turbidity
  • Multi stage Low fouling RO membrane system
  • Brine concentrator for maximum water reuse and less reject
  • Multi effect evaporator and AFTD to convert brine in to solids

Key highlights

  • A one stop solution (chemical, equipment, and services) was provided by Permionics
  • High water recovery & low operating cost
  • Reduce energy consumption and footprint with innovative membrane solutions

Automatic (HMI/SCADA) based operation