Membrane Solutions to Soya Processing

The most rapidly growing and commercially attractive area in soybean processing involves the production of protein concentrates and isolates, products containing from 70 to 95% protein. Permionics membrane processes can add value to the soya meals or flours by providing complete solution for concentration and purification of soya proteins. Membrane separation processes consume less energy when compared to other concentrating techniques, such as freeze-drying, spray drying or evaporation. Another advantage is our membrane processes can operation at low, ambient, and high temperatures depending on the nature of the application and the solids to be concentrated.

Soya Protein Isolate (SPI)

 Conventional acidification (isoelectric ppt) does not give good recovery as whey / liquid still has good amount of proteins to be recovered. We can deploy directly UF after extraction for concentration the proteins and have near complete protein recovery.
 UF can reduce the volume of extract > 80% and remove all undesired compounds like soluble sugars and slats (de-ashing) thus improving the purity of SPI. The HF UF Permionics tested does not lose any protein in permeate during concentration and filtration process is proved and established.
 The integrated membrane system offers NF for processing of UF concentration & DF stage permeate further to recovery of water that can be recycled back in the extraction process plant. So we have integrated UF – DF – NF processes continuous for concentration, purification of SPI and also for recovery of water for recycle.

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