Membrane Solutions to Dairy

Our experience & expertise have enhanced dairy processes

Permionics through its more than three decades of experience can offer a wide range of proprietary spiral membranes i.e.  UF, NF and RO with complete system for multiple applications in the dairy industries viz. milk concentration, milk standardization whey concentration, production of whey isolates, and effluent recycle. Our innovative products are time-tested and have been shown to increase productivity while keeping dairy operations running smoothly—and profitably.

  • Milk Concentration:

Concentration of milk by Permionics Full Fit spiral wound membrane has showed potential in number of dairy plant in India. Membrane system supplied by Permionics easily removed 50% of water from Skimmed Milk & helps to enhances potential of dairy industry.

Milk concentration is primarily applied to the manufacturing of Skimmed milk powder. Integrating membrane technology ahead of the evaporator and spray dryer reduces the operating cost by nearly 50 to 60% as the membrane technology operating cost is nearly 1/10th of the operating cost incurred in the Evaporators. The other advantages are the concentrated milk solids can be transported at significantly reduced freight and storage costs due to significant reduction in the volumes. Removal of ash from the milk is also another problem which many dairy industries are facing.  Permionics provides NF System which can remove the minerals/ ash in the form of Na+ ions in the milk.

  • Whey Concentration / Demineralization:

Whey is a by-product from the cheese industry. It has low content of solids and high biological oxygen demand (BOD), which creates a major disposal problem for the dairy industry. Whey protein concentrate is used in many products including nutritional beverages, baked goods, processed foods, and animal feed. By applying our membrane ultrafiltration and daifiltration processes, whey can be concentrated to produce WPC with 35-85% protein.

The purpose of whey demineralization is to make whey products more suitable for human consumption such as whey –based products for infant formulas, Whey-based beverages, Whey used for lactose production, Whey used as a skim milk replacer in ice cream etc. We offer processes that can be used for the removal of mineral from the whey and also for remove mineral from lactose.

  • Protein Enrichment in Whole milk:

The protein content of milk is subjected to natural variations during the year. In cases where the protein content on dry basis is lower than the expectations, we can provide membrane processes that can help in the standardization of milk & the desired protein content in the milk can be achieved without the need of adding milk powders, casein and whey protein concentrates.

  • Dairy effluent recycling:

Permionics has developed a robust & novel membrane based technology for the treatment of dairy effluent, where it uses its proprietary HPA membrane elements to recover up to 85% of recyclable quality water from the ETP treated effluent. Our membrane has a unique ability to withstand high COD levels, more than any other membrane available in market. Permionics have installed a HPA membrane system in one of the biggest dairy plant in country located in Uttar Pradesh.

As the Food and Dairy Industry enters the age of global competition; processing plants are faced with increased regulations.  Many of the traditional methods of wastewater treatments such as evaporation reservoirs and holding tanks are no longer financially feasible or environmentally sound.  There is a need to improve quality while still remaining cost efficient. PERMIONICS membranes have successfully addressed the problem of water scarcity in dairy industry and our membrane system has reduced the load on environment by recovering 85% of water.

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