Membrane Solutions for Fishery

Stick Water Concentration

The processing of fish in the industries involves steps like cooking of fish, crushing and fish oil separation. The effluent generated after these processes is termed as “stick water” and it is composed of proteins, BOD and inorganic salts.  Our membrane process have been successfully installed for recovery of water from this stream (stick water) and Permionics is the only the membrane company to develop and commercialize this process.

Clarification of Enzymatic Hydrolyzed Stick Water

Subjecting Stick Water to hydrolysis using Enzyme breaks down the larger Proteins into Peptides and finally to amino acids. This products has much better value compared to the unhydrolyzed stick water which usually is common in all fisheries. Post Hydrolysis the major (i.e. ~50%) of hydrolyzed product is in form of Amino acids, mono/di and tri peptides along with suspended, colloids. Thus if not clarified well before making powder, the product lack to meet the desired specification for end use. Thus Ceramic CMF application was developed by Permionics to address this issue and was very successful to get clarified product what could meet the desired specifications.

Surami – Proteins and Water Recovery

While making surami products, huge amount of RO treated water is used in surami washing at different stages till end product. All the wash water with proteins goes to ETP without recovering proteins and water for recycle. Permionics developed and installed commercial scale systems for processing of this wash water using integrated UF & RO membranes to recovery of Surami Proteins that can be added to Fish meal while recovered water can be recycled back with some biological treatments, thus reducing the cost to purchase huge amount of water and treating it.

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