High Purity Water Generation & Distribution Systems

  • For Pharmaceutical, Solar wafer & Semiconductor Industry

The Aries 500,1000,2000 & higher capacity systems are the Permionics brand of Purified water generation HSRO systems to achieve USP grade water right up to Pyrogen Free water for WFI.
CSRO+ HSRO EDI followed by Ultrafiltration is a standardized treatment protocol for producing USP grade water for WFI grade water, using raw water as feed. If you have RO water already, then we offer the Aries HSRO system followed by EDI and optional Ultrafiltration system. The HSRO polishes the CSRO permeate to meet the Inlet TDS limits of the CEDI for efficient and High performance of the CEDI. The CEDI continuously provides USP Grade Purified water whilst withstanding hundreds of hot water sanitization cycles (85 Degree C).

Product Range

  • CSRO + HSRO + EDI + UF systems.
  • HSRO is Hot Water Sanitizable RO systems branded as Aries.
  • PW + WFI Water Distribution Systems.
  • System design as per USP norms
  • 18 Mega Ohm Water using Nuclear grade Non regeneratable Resins for Solar wafer and Semiconductor industry requirements.


  • Sanitary and fully drainable system with inbuilt Hot water sanitization provision.
  • Assured rejection of TOC by > 85 - 90 %.
  • Spirally Wound TFC Type RO Membranes from Permionics.
  • RO skid, Control panel and cable tray are in SS 304 with CFR 21 protocol.
  • Guaranteed microbial compliance through frequent hot water sanitization at 85 Degree C
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant Panels with UL certified components where required.
  • Designed, manufactured and validated to GAMP.
  • Designed, fully compliant with Latest ISPE, USP and EU Pharmacopeia specifications manufactured and validated to GAMP.
  • Automated PLC control, minimizes operator involvement.
  • Distribution skids and loops with validation and certification of materials and Boroscopy

Benefits of CDI

  • Conductivity < 1.3 µS/cm (As per latest USP, EU Phr & IN Phr.).
  • Guaranteed leak proof design.
  • Chemical free regeneration.
  • Economical Replacement.
  • Higher pressure rating – Up to 7 bar.
  • Plate and Frame design