System Supplied: Containerised RO system



  • Ease of transportation and flexible and quick deployment
  • Plug and Play to produce high-quality water & treat effluent
  • Huge reduction in CIVIL cost

End-user Sector: Industries, offshore and Onshore applications, Disaster Management

Process Description:

We design, develop & build Wastewater recycling, Desalination and Brackish Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems mounted inside standard containers (20′ & 40′). This facilitates ease of transportation and expeditious deployment. Our systems are ready to produce high-quality potable water almost the next day of delivery – a plug and play system.

Permionics engineered truly containerized RO systems providing compact design and friendly maintenance access and operation. RO, CIP flushing and filters are provided in a single container, no need for extra space.

Key highlights

  • A modular and flexible packaged RO System build in a 40’HQ container
  • “plug and play” solution with minimal commissioning time and simplicity of operation

Remote monitoring facility available