System Supplied: Ultra-Fine Filter followed by Low fouling RO System


  • Water recovery from Biologically treated distillery/sugar condensate
  • Reduction of effluent by 90-95% going to Multiple effect evaporator (MEE)
  • Recovery of water for utilities & process end use

End-user Sector: Sugar & Distillery

Process Description:

Condensate from distilleries & sugar industries have high COD & BOD counts, which is treated through anaerobic and aerobic treatment (CPU). After conventional CPU, impurities like COD, BOD, and inorganic components present have to be removed to get quality water for waste water recycling.

Permionics has developed and deployed cost effective and sustainable membrane based technologies for this problem.

Permionics enabled sugar & distillery factories to recycle 90-95% effluent water and achieve total water management through resource conservation, reutilisation and recycling, wherein “Zero water intake” was achieved  practically to meet the process demand.

Condensate recovery system consists of Pre-filtration system Ultra-fine filtration (UFF) which use Zeolite media with filtration efficiency in the range of 3 to 5 micron, UFF enhanced performance results in the downstream cost savings for chemicals, filter cartridges, membrane fouling, etc.

After a series of filtration the condensate was passed through membrane based CPU which gave 90-95% reusable water. Treated water from CPU was be used in utilities or fermentation dilution. After CPU high range UV system was installed to ensure microbial free water went further to the fermentation process.

Key highlights

  • HPA series low fouling membrane for high COD & BOD intake
  • 90-95% water recovery
  • Water recycle for various process such as fermentation dilution
  • Low OPEX compare to conventional technology
  • Complete auto plant on demand