System Supplied: Ceramic Cross Flow Filtration

Objective: Sulphur Recovery from ONGC stream

End-user Sector: Oil & Gas industry

Process Description :

  • SULREC Technology is a partnership between Engineers India Limited (EIL) and Permionics Membranes Private Limited (PMPL) for an innovative process for maximizing sulphur recovery for Oil & Gas industry.
  • Most natural gas sources are contaminated with Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) ranging from 0.5% to 3% w/v. The conventional process is to pass the gas through the amine column where the carbon dioxide and H2S get absorbed and the sweetened natural gas is taken further for processing.
  • The off gas from the amine column, also called acid gas, will generally contain 90% CO2 and 10% H2S. This gas is taken to the oxidizer where H2S gets converted into sulphur in the form of fine colloids. A proprietary surfactant is added to aid the settling of the particles. However, the very fine particles do not settle and float to the surface.

End Result:

  • Supernatant containing these fine colloids sulphur particle were concentration by our Ceramic cross flow SULREC System. The concentrated slurry was subjected to a continuous filter press to obatin sulphur cake with < 10% moisture and 99.5% purity.
  • The filtrate of SULREC has the Catalyst solution which is regenerated and recycled back.