System Supplied: Advance pre-filtration followed by Brine recovery System (BRS)

Objective :

  • Separating brine solution and color from spent brine
  • Reduction of 90% high TDS effluent going to ETP

End-user Sector: Sugar refinery

Process Description:

Brine recovery system (BRS) is a specialized process application for membranes in the sugar-refining industry. The ion exchange columns used in the sugar refining process uses brine for its regeneration. This brine gets contaminated with organic matter and divalent ions which can be treated with membranes developed by Permionics in a manner such that brine can be recycled while the colorants and other impurities remain in the reject. BRS System designed to achieve 95% recovery of brine solution. Brine recovery system is inbuilt with all necessary pre-treatment and proprietary membranes specially made for this application.

 Key highlights

  • Alkali and high temperature stable membranes
  • Low operating cost
  • Reduce waste by 90%
  • > 95% of brine recovery