Renewable energy – Powered by sustainability

The population is growing aggressively. We are now 8 billion!   Consequently, the energy demand is increasing. With non-renewable sources depleting, it has become very important to find sustainable sources of power that can meet our needs without harming the environment. Renewable energy is the answer to this problem, and it's a solution that is [...]

An insight into acid and alkali recovery by membrane

Acid and alkali recovery by the membrane is an advanced process that involves the use of specialized membrane chemistries to recover acids and alkalis from process streams. This procedure is particularly useful in industrial settings where acids and alkalis are commonly used in a variety of processes. Advantages of using membranes One of the key [...]

India based company PERMIONICS to service solar wafer orders of over 10 GW capacity

The India-based company has bagged water management systems to service 10 GW Capacity orders in the solar wafer and ingot/wafer manufacturing sector. -------------- Permionics, a Gujarat-based pioneer in membrane technology, is on its way to making major changes in the way we approach sustainability. With pollution and environmental degradation being the number 1 threat to [...]

Process intensification and sophistication in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries

The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries have made great strides in recent years in the field of process intensification and sophistication. This has been driven by a need to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase the purity of final products. In this blog, we will discuss some of the key technologies that have been developed to [...]

Reverse Osmosis vs Nano Filtration for water treatment

Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration are two commonly used technology for water treatment. Both processes use a membrane to filter water and remove impurities, but they differ in certain ways. In this article, we shall walk you through those differences. Reverse Osmosis RO is a process in which water passes through a semi-permeable membrane, with the [...]

Solvent recovery membranes processes – The advantages

Solvent recovery membranes are an important technology for the chemical industry, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional distillation methods. A brief Solvent recovery membranes use a semi-permeable membrane to separate a solvent from a mixture of solvent and other substances, such as water or organic compounds. This process can be used to [...]

Advanced Zero Liquid Discharge solutions

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a procedure for the treatment of wastewater. Through this process, wastewater is treated and recycled to make it fit for reuse. ZLD has been named as such because it ensures zero discharge at the end. A brief about ZLD ZLD is an advanced treatment process that is employed for effluent [...]

Membrane solution for food and beverages

The food and beverage industry utilizes a range of membranes to clarify or concentrate food and beverages naturally without degrading the products . Membrane filtration also enhances flavor and prolongs the shelf life. High-performance membrane systems make the process seamless and efficient.  Fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, etc., are naturally occurring foods that contain organic pigments, [...]

Membrane solutions for sugar and distillery

Membrane solutions for sugar and distillery Sugar processing is one of the most complex and energy-consuming practices in the food industry. It requires various separation processes at different points. Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, and Electrodialysis are commonly used for processing sugar and treatment of effluent generated during the process. These membrane processes are used at [...]

Membrane solutions for dairy processing

The dairy industry heavily relies on the use of membrane technology for the processing and filtration of foods and individual ingredients. Membrane separation techniques are used either as alternatives to traditional methods or as new technology to process certain ingredients. Membrane technologies are rapidly gaining popularity because they are not just more efficient than conventional [...]

The role of Ultrafiltration in water and wastewater treatment

Ultrafiltration is a well-known water purification process wherein water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane holds large solutes and suspended solids while allowing smaller solutes with low molecular weight and water to move to the permeate side. This technique is used before reverse osmosis as pre-treatment to remove particulates and other substances that [...]

Membrane solutions for herbal and natural products

Herbal and natural products refer to compounds present in nature with unique pharmacological applications. Natural medicines made from these products have been used for many years for the prevention and cure of a range of human diseases. To this day, they play an important role in drug development.  But, the extraction of natural medicines to [...]

Membrane filtration for pharma and biotech sectors

Membrane filtration is an efficient method for bioseparations for its multiple benefits, such as product sterilization, solute removal, product concentration, purification, and solute fractionation.  Membranes, being semi-permeable, catch or restrict heavier molecules while allowing the smaller ones to pass through. They are of different sizes and are used appropriately in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. [...]

An overview of membrane separation processes

Membrane separation is an intricate technology that separates materials through minuscule gaps or pores with the help of pressure. This process involves selective filtration and has a wide range of applications, especially in water purification. Depending on the pore size and the pressure applied, membrane separation may be classified as the following: Microfiltration: Membranes used [...]

Membrane Solutions to Soya Processing

The most rapidly growing and commercially attractive area in soybean processing involves the production of protein concentrates and isolates, products containing from 70 to 95% protein. Permionics membrane processes can add value to the soya meals or flours by providing complete solution for concentration and purification of soya proteins. Membrane separation processes consume less energy [...]


Industrial laundries clean a variety of different articles which produce different effluent. In typical industrial laundries, two-thirds to three-quarters of the laundry will be relatively easily cleaned articles such as clothing, linen, bath towels, etc. The remaining quarter to one-third of the laundry will be substantially dirtier articles, such as shop towels, mop heads, and [...]

Membrane Solution for Bio fuels Production

Bio Fuel Acid /Alkali Recovery ?more.. Membrane reactors for hydrolysis & enzymatic recovery? more …. Sugar concentration ?more... Ethanol Fermentation ?more... Production of biofuels from lignocelluloses biomass (LBM) would require mega scale plants and thus would require less energy intensive, high throughput continuous and scalable unit operations. Membrane filtration technologies such as microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration [...]

Membrane Solutions for Fishery

Stick Water Concentration The processing of fish in the industries involves steps like cooking of fish, crushing and fish oil separation. The effluent generated after these processes is termed as “stick water” and it is composed of proteins, BOD and inorganic salts.  Our membrane process have been successfully installed for recovery of water from this [...]

Membrane Solutions to Dairy

Our experience & expertise have enhanced dairy processes Permionics through its more than three decades of experience can offer a wide range of proprietary spiral membranes i.e.  UF, NF and RO with complete system for multiple applications in the dairy industries viz. milk concentration, milk standardization whey concentration, production of whey isolates, and effluent recycle. [...]

Membrane Solutions for Herbals & Natural Products

Permionics can offer multiple membrane based solutions for processing of herbals, natural products, phytochemicals extracts and products. Our membrane processes can help to reduce the cost of extraction, separation, concentration and purification by replacing the conventional methods and thus offer best solution.   Concentration The cases where the extracts from herbs or natural products are [...]

Membrane Solution for Biotech / Bio-processes

Permionics supports different biotech application by our wide range of membranes that helps to purify products, enhance yield, reduce cost and provide selective separations. Our efficient processes are widely used for different application involving separations, concentrations or purification of various biobased product made by fermentation or biocatalysis process. Our membranes can be used for all [...]

Membrane Solutions for Pharma

Permionics due to its wide ranges of membranes available in different make and cutoff suits best for processing of pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates. We supply membrane systems to pharma for concentration, purification, separation of products that is very cost-effective giving a high-product yield/ purity. Our highly specialized membranes can successfully replace centrifugation, extraction, distillation and [...]

SULREC: Sulphur Recovery System

SULREC technology is a partnership between Engineers India Limited (EIL), a Government of India engineering, consulting and EPC firm; and Permionics Membranes Private Limited (PMPL), a leading water treatment solutions provider. This patented technology offers an innovative process for maximizing sulphur recovery for important Oil & Gas industry applications. There are two current applications for [...]

BASF & Permionics join hands to launch high performance face masks

COLLABORATION BASF has joined hands with Vadodara based membrane manufacturer, Permionics Membranes, to extend for the first time the application of BASF’s Ultrason E polyethersulphone (PESU) polymer into coated fabrics that serve as particulate and bacterial filter for face masks. The face masks using the fabric as a middle layer are highly breathable, washable and [...]

CERAFILT- Ceramic Cross Flow Filtration Membrane Solutions

Permionics has spearheaded developments in the downstream processing in Biotech & Pharma. Post upstream processes, our MF ceramic system is preferred first unit operation deployed for cell separation providing clarified broth product stream that ease the further downstream processing to enrich or further purify products. We have customized ceramic membrane solutions for different fermentation processes [...]

PURIZYME – Membranes for Enzyme Processing

Permionics has pioneered in the downstream processing of various Enzymes. We custom-design and engineer complete membrane-based systems from pilot to commercial scale for processing of enzymes from fermentation or natural/herbal extraction processes. Our Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane process has proven to add value to concentrate, purify, enhance yield and reduce downstream costs for processing enzymes for [...]


Permionics has spearheaded the innovation of membrane development and their applications in various separation processes providing customized solutions across the filtration spectrum. We have seen the influx of hollow fibre Ultra and Microfiltration in the pre-treatment of RO/Resin systems. In absence of any competing or better option, Hollow fibre has no comparative benchmark. However, with [...]

How do wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) work?

Water is one of the most precious commodities available to humans worldwide. Water is used on a day to day basis by everyone for different purposes such as bathing, cleaning, cooking, etc. But have you ever thought about where the water ends up and what happens with the used water in the future? Many people [...]