Membrane Solutions for the Soya Industry

The most rapidly growing and commercially attractive area in soybean processing involves the production of protein concentrates and isolates, products containing from 70 to 95% protein. Permionics membrane processes can add value to the soya meals or flours by providing complete solutions for concentration and purification of soya proteins. Membrane separation processes consume less energy when compared to other concentrating techniques, such as freeze-drying, spray drying or evaporation. Another advantage is our membrane processes can operate at low, ambient, and high temperatures depending on the nature of the application and the solids to be concentrated.

Soya Protein Isolate

After the digesting of soya meal/flour, we have membrane processes that can concentrate as well as purify proteins by removing of the sugars and mineral. Integrating membrane will also reduce the spray drying load and offer a huge improvement in the economics.

Soya Protein Concentrate

We offer membrane systems for the concentration of sugars and recovery of alcohols that are used in the processes for producing soya protein concentrates from the soya meal/ flour. Integrating membranes for recovery of alcohol in the SPC process will improve the economics compared to the conventional distillation process.

Soya Peptide Deashing

Removal of ash to improve the quality of soya peptide is major concern and our membrane processes can achieve this in the most economical way compared to the conventional technologies.
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