Oil & Gas

Sulphur Recovery

In the Gas processing recovery of pure sulphur from the sulphur slurry is an important process. Permionics can supply membrane systems that can help in the recovery of sulphur from such slurry very effectively. Our membranes can concentrate the slurry and provide a clear permeate stream that can further produce 99% pure sulphur cake.

Produced Water Treatment

Water produced during oil and gas extraction operations constitutes the industry’s most important waste stream on the basis of volume. The oil and gas industry produces approximately 14 billion bbls of water annually and thus proper treatment of this water to remove oils, inorganic salts, suspended solids, microbes, COD, BOD and hardness is important. Permionics can offer a complete set of solutions for treating such water in order to obtain good quality water.

Water for Process & Utility

Permionics can supply membrane systems that can treat the water from different sources like bore well and river and improve its quality by making it more suitable for the processes in oil and gas industries. Depending on the characteristics of the feed water, we can provide suitable pretreatment and membranes to achieve the required specifications of water to be used for the processes.

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