Inks Dyes Pigments

Dye Concentration and Desalting

In the manufacturing processes of reactive and acid dyes, salt and low molecular weight complexes are present in the final product liquor. The salt, reduces the solubility and the complexes and intermediates interfere with the brightness of the dyed fabric, thus there is a need for salt-free dye. Our membrane processes can not only concentrate but also dealt the dye and provide the best and most economical solution to the problem.

Ultra Pure Dyes

Most of the applications require highly pure dyes i.e. free from slats as well all the lower molecular weight impurities. Our membrane processes have been very successful in removing these impurities as well as glaubers salt (Na2SO4,) to achieve high strength with high total solids. The higher concentration achieved saves energy as the concentrated liquor is then spray dried at lower energy levels.
Reactive and acid dyes constitute our major applications and we have supplied over 5000 msq of membrane area installed in the Industry for desalting and concentration of Dyes. Our membrane systems are also operating for Food colors concentration and desalting. Tartrazine-yellow and Sunset yellow are examples of food colors where our membrane systems are giving excellent performance with minimum (< 0.1%) dye loss and >95% desalting

Color Removal

Dyes and pigments are highly visible material and thus there is the requirement on industry to minimize environmental release of colour, even in cases where a small but visible release might be considered as toxicologically rather innocuous. Our membrane filtration processes can remove these colors and is very effective in comparison to other chemical and biological treatments used.

Pigment Concentration

PERMIONICS has developed a robust & novel membrane based technology for removal and concentration of pigment from wash water stream. As we know pigments are insoluble non-ionic compounds or insoluble salts and retain their crystalline or particulate structure throughout their application.
As and when pigment is poured in a tank then it is taken out for manufacturing, then the tank is washed thus generates effluent containing water, salt and some amount of pigment. This wash water when passed through ETP plant, which is considered as long process, creates a problem as it is insoluble in nature and settles down in the ETP. For removing these pigments, a huge quantity of chemicals are used, which generate enormous quantity of sludge. Permionics has made a process technology to solve the turbidity and suspended solid issue in the effluent due to pigment, without any chemical treatment. These membranes have large channel diameter so work effectively in presence of pigment which is in un-dissolved form.

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