Gelatin & Capsules

Membranes Solutions for Capsule and Jelly

Gelatin is a water soluble high molecular weight protein (20 to 200 KDa) prepared by the thermal denaturation of collagen, isolated from animal skin and bones with very dilute acid/alkali or also even extracted from fish skins. Permionics can offer membranes and membrane solutions for concentration and de-ashing of gelatin extract and add value by making the process more economical compared to conventional technologies.

Gelatin Concentration

Gelatin broths after the extraction process have a typical solids content of 2 – 6 % (w/v). Our membrane can concentrate the gelatin to 10 – 18 % (w/v). Our membrane process will not only concentrate gelatin but also purify it by removing ash and undesired components from the extract. Integrating membranes prior to evaporator improves economics as the evaporator load can be reduced by 70-80% thus adding value to the process. The processes are very energy-efficient and we can provide compact, modular plant design with the completely automated operation.

Gelatin De-ashing

Gelatin extract also contains 0.5-1.5% (w/v) of ash and removal of this is important to increase the purity of gelatin for the various applications it is used for. Our membrane process is used for the concentration of gelatin and will also help for removal of ash and thereby no separate unit operation is required. Thus compared to ion exchange chromatography, membrane offers huge savings because there is no need to have separate unit operation for de-ashing. There apart there is no generation of effluent that generally comes from regeneration of the ion exchange column.

Condensate Recovery

Condensates from evaporation plants used in the gelatin processes can be subjected to our membranes for improving the quality of the condensate to obtain good quality of water that can be recycled back.

Gelatin Recovery

Washings from process plant and equipment contains less than 2% of gelatin which makes it uneconomical to put into the evaporators. Since the operating cost of removing water using membranes is 1/5th compared to evaporation costs, this gelatin also can be recovered by passing it through our membranes. There is a two fold advantage here: one is recovery of gelatin and the other is reducing load on the effluent treatment plant.
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