Food & Beverage

Membrane Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

The food industry is very dynamic, competitive and it is important to meet increasing consumer demands for high-quality, safe, and nutritious products while maintaining cost-effective operations. With decades of experience in meeting the special needs of food processors, we have developed a wealth of solutions proven to improve production, reduce costs, and increase process efficiency while improving yield and quality. We offer a full range of membranes and systems not only for removing contaminants, recovering materials, and purifying process streams within the plant, but also treating the outgoing effluent to meet environmental discharge standards.

Papain Enzyme Concentration

Papain enzyme which is extracted from papaya latex is a viscous liquid that oozes out of a raw papaya when it is slit. This enzyme is obtained in a dilute form, and finally used as a meat tenderizer and for various health and medicinal purposes. Our membrane systems have been successfully installed for concentration of papain enzyme. Along with concentration, unwanted salts and low molecular weight impurities are also removed making the final product much purer and fetching a higher price in the market. Since membranes remove water at room temperature, there is a saving of 80% of the energy cost over the conventional processes.

Juice Clarification & Concentration

Our membrane process can replace the single or multiple evaporators which have been used in the past to concentrate fruit and vegetable juices. The membrane process is more efficient in energy, time, space and cost saving. Placing our membrane filtration system before an evaporator will increase evaporator efficiency (pre-concentration or pre-powder preparation). A major advantage of our membrane filtration over more traditional separation methods such as vacuum or pressure filtration is that with the option of diafiltration, color is actually gained rather than lost.
Vegetable Juices: Wide variety of vegetable juices can successfully clarified and concentrated and spray dried using our membrane filtration. These include but are not limited to: Onion Juice, Carrot Juice, Celery Juice, Cucumber Juice, Leek Juice, Green Pepper Juice, Aloe Vera Juice, Garlic Juice
Fruit Juices: The fruit juices that can be efficiently clarified and concentrated by our membrane filtration and if required taken to powder stage by spray drying are: Grapefruit Juice, Strawberry Juice, Orange Juice, Peach Juice, Pineapple Juice, Apple Juice, Pear Juice and Tomato Juice. 

Coffee / Tea Extracts

Permionics can supply membranes that can be used for concentration of coffee and tea extract by removal of water. Integrating membranes for removal of water from the extracts will add value by reducing the volumes of evaporation or spray drying.

Starch / Dextrose Processing

The starch and sweetener industry can deploy our membrane filtration replacing the traditional separation methods such as filter presses and rotary vacuum filters in a number of process steps as listed below.

  • The concentration of starch wash water.
  • Clarification of corn syrups such as dextrose and fructose.
  • Dextrose enrichment.
  • De-pyrogenation of dextrose syrup.