Applications in the Fish processing Industry

Fish processing in order to obtain different fish products and fish oil generates a huge amount of waste water stream every day and recovery of the water from this stream has been a major challenge for all the fish processing industries. Recently, Permionics have solved this problem and can offer membrane systems for the recovery of water after fish processing.

Stick Water Concentration

The processing of fish in the industries involves steps like cooking of fish, crushing and fish oil separation. The effluent generated after these processes is termed as “stick water” and it is composed of proteins, BOD and inorganic salts. Our membrane process has been successfully installed for recovery of water from this stream (stick water) and Permionics is the only membrane company to develop and commercialize this process.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Recovery

Fish industry generates a good amount of fish oil every day. The fish oil contains two major Omega three fatty acids i.e. Ecosapentanoic acid (ECA) & Decosahexanoic acid (DHA). There is a good market for these Omega 3 fatty acids and thus there is a need for a technology that can isolate them from fish oil. Permionics can provide a complete solution for isolation and concentration of these Omega3 fatty acids from the fish oil by integrating chromatographic and membrane based processes.
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