Permionics was selected as the partner to set up the 20 MLD RO plant owing to its track record and the membrane manufacturing capabilities to ensure uninterrupted operation and continuous supply of RO water to  Nandesari Indutries Water Utility Limited – set up by the Nandesari Industries Association, (NIA) Vadodara.

Nandesari Industrial estate is one of the oldest Industrial estates in Vadodara with more than 150 units located under the NIA banner. It is a progressive industrial association having set up a water distribution system as well as a Effluent disposal system to ensure that the Industries have no issues with Water as well as waste water disposal. The NIA CETP is one of the first and few CETP’s to be functional and continue to satisfy GPCB norms ensuring the safety of the environment as well as sustainability of the industries.

Permionics Owns and Operates the Facility with its own trained manpower and control the operations through Automated PLC controlled SCADA system that can also remotely be accessed. Water coming out of the system is metered and and then pumped through the storage tank into the pipeline for distribution.

It’s a project of national Importance and designed to also take in treated effluent from the major industries nearby as feed water thus becoming a sustainable solution to the area and a model for other such facilities to be set up. NIA is gives its premises and constructed the building required for setting up the plant apart from giving the power to the system. We are already planning and implementing an expansion of this plant. The broad design is for it to operate at 85% recovery at an inlet TDS of 5000 ppm and outlet permeate of < 200 ppm, with over 1000 spiral wound TFC RO elements manufactured by Permionics in its facility. The system is driven by a battery of filters and pumps and consumes under 1KWh/M3 of product water. As on date it has processed over a BILLION litres of permeate, which has resulted in a marked improvement in the production processes and increased efficiencies, impacting the overall effluent quantity and quality for the better.

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