Mr. Satyajai Mayor

Mr. Satyajai Mayor

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Permionics Membranes Pvt. Ltd. is run by Mr. Satyajai Mayor ( Managing Director)” a Chemical Engineer with twenty five years of experience in developing membranes from basic polymers as well as designing membrane processes “ an expert membrane engineer.Satyajai Mayor our Managing Director and CEO, is a leading Membraneologist in the world. He studied Chemical Engineering at 'The Maharaja Sayajirao University' in Baroda and went on to gain expert knowledge and deciphering abilities under his father Mr.Satyapal Mayor (see section on our Founder). Although he is not into accolades his work in Membrane Science and Applications are worthy of a Doctorate if such qualifications are required to describe knowledge and learning. His ability to interpret and explore and translate from laboratory to scaled up application and his ability to facilitate our unique membrane production facility, unique in the world in certain deciphering's and pioneering and unique in India are of great value to our company and our customers. He is ably supported by a team of scientists and engineers who support the missions and ethos of our company. We believe that we and our customers share a mutually synergistic relationship and that all transactions are a two way street of mutual respect and sharing of expertise and knowledge.Dr. Satyajit Mayor, our Director is a leading Cell Biologist who works on understanding membrane processes in living cells. He studied Mechanical Engineering/Chemistry at IIT Bombay and then went on to do a PhD in Life Sciences at the Rockefeller University, USA. After completing his post-doctoral research at Columbia University he returned to India to help build arguably one of India's finest centres of biological sciences, the National Centre of Biological Sciences (NCBS) a centre of the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR). Currently, he is Director of the National Centre of Biological Sciences (NCBS) and the Institute for Stem cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, an Autonomous institute of the DBT.Dr. Satyajit Mayor is on the scientific advisory board of a few biotechnology companies. His accolades are many and to name a few; he is a recipient of the Shanti SwaroopBhatnagar Award, the Infosys Prize for Life Sciences, and is a Distinguished Alumus of IIT Bombay. He is a fellow of a number of academies, Indian and International. He is a fellow of the Indian National Science Academy and the National Academy of Science. He was elected as a Foreign Fellow of the EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) in 2013 and the National Academy of Science, USA in 2015.At Permionics, both Satyajai and Satyajit are deeply committed to developing versatile membranes for diverse applications in an Indian context, and see their involvement as part of their way of facilitating translational research. The encouragement and development of talented individuals is seen as a key to the success of any enterprise. They also recognise the dignity of labour and strive to make Permionics a place where people are happy to work from the shop floor to office spaces.Mr. Satyajai is ably supported by Engineers and Polymer Chemists to develop high performance membranes and complete membrane process solutions for custom applications; a team of design and execution engineers; trained service engineers to provide competent after sales service.Permionics is the pioneer in membrane manufacturing in INDIA with a history that goes back more than 35 years.


We were commissioned by the Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) to manufacture & Commision a Truck Mounted Mobile Water Treatment Plant."Permionics delivers Long Term Reliable Solutions"

We offer complete Turnkey Plants / Solutions for Effluent, Water, Waste Water, Sewage Treatment, Process & High Purity Water (HPW) applications using Our Proprietary Special Application Membranes and other state-of-the-art Technologies.Permionics has over 3500 installations of systems in the country and abroad, catering to almost every application ranging from Broth Clarification to Water Desalination.We were commissioned by Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) to manufacture & Commision a Truck Mounted Mobile Water Treatment Plant.The `PERMA' Nano filtration membrane has revolutionized the dyeing industry by proving to be the best solution for the desalting and concentration of Reactive dyes. Permionics has supplied over 70 systems for this application including exports to THAILAND, PAKISTAN, INDONESIA and ARGENTINA.Permionics has evolved into a turnkey provider of water and waste-water treatment systems, specifically catering to the water treatment and\r\nrecycling market.general2Permionics has successfully pioneered membrane usage in Milk concentration, Whey fractionation, Dyes desalting and de-ashing, Broth clarification which has applications in various industries such as :Textile Dyeing Distilleries Breweries Bulk Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Biotech and Fermentation Dairy & Food Processing and several other process industries where water recycling, product recovery, treatment of process streams and effluent treatment has become a necessity.New membrane technologies and processes such as:Electro Dialysis of solvent streams for recovery of solvents, Ultrafiltration pretreatment, High COD tolerant membranes such as the HPA series “ for waste-water recycling have been developed.Gas Separation membranes for Oxygen enrichment and Nitrogen production and Carbon dioxide recovery.Pervaporation for Solvent dehydration, IPA water, Ethanol water,Acetonitrile Water.Chromatography as pre and post treatment solution options.

We also have in-house R&D Facilities and are constantly developing\r\nnew applications to suit our clients needs and requirements.

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