Strategic Initiatives

Technology Commercialization Initiatives Underway

  • UtilizingPermionics facilities and resources to cost-effectively & comprehensively evaluate and pilot technologies in the shortest possible time
  • Conduct field demonstration trials via readily available customer base in India
  • Above activities  allow technology providers to generate significant customer traction while offering global customers a low risk/cost approach for integrating new
    – a win-win

Electro Water Separation & Advanced Oxidation

  • Licensed patented technology from a California based company using non-sacrificial anodes and cathodes.
  • Interest from India’s largest Oil & Gas company for produced water application
  • Performed extensive process development to integrate membranes, lab tests and pilot testing to provide a complete solution to O&G company, and exceed customer expectations
  • Successfully eliminated chemicals for DAF and removed TSS… lower lifecycle costs than the current process.
  • In tandem with downstream Permioncs Turbocatch Ultrafiltration process, the final outlet parameters achieved were well within the clients’ discharge requirements
  • Used for Heavy metal removal and COD reduction.

Smart Polymer

  • Hydrogel soap superior to polyelectrolytes in the separation of solids, oils, metals, nutrients, and bacteria from waste streams…licensed from another US company.. “PermaGel”
  • Successfully deployed for starch and dye separation from the mercerizing caustic effluent to maximize caustic recovery.
  • Additionally, designing a pilot plant coupled with oil water separators and membranes for polishing
  • This skid/trailer mounted system will be piloted across the industry in the US

Ultrafine Filters (UFF Filtration)

  • A more efficient Media guaranteeing < 5 micron clarity in the outlet or 80% removal of SS and turbidity.
  • Incorporated in our 12 MLD BOO project to polish the feed water down to < 5  micron clarity which will reduce cartridge replacement costs and CIP cycles for the RO.

Enhanced Value of Products/Services in the USA

  • Orochem and Permionics collaborate to offer new membrane and chromatography solutions to the market
  • Purification of Krill Oil
  • Integration of membranes for water recycling and product concentration
  • Purification of Stevia Extract
  • Utilized a combination of resin and membrane separation technologies
  • Systems for disaster recovery systems for UN & World Bank initiatives
  • Working on solutions for US DoD forward base applications

Membrane Manufacturing

  • ISO 9000:2001 certified fully vertically integrated manufacturing capability in India
  • Vast experience and expertise gained over nearly 40 years
  • Sheet manufacturing facility with automated sheet preparation
  • Robotic and automated element rolling
  • Custom manufacturing—can change product mix and do small runs of non-standard sizes to suit customer requirements
  • Ability to assess new technologies/materials and perform further R&D to develop a new type of membranes and applications
  • Robust manufacturing process utilizing established, standardized operating procedures to ensure low cost, high/consistent quality
  • The culture of continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and employee engagement/empowerment ensures Permionics stays ahead of technology and manufacturing innovation curve.

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