Research & Development

Research, Development & Industrialization activities are a vital component of Permionics’ expertise. We have been recognized globally for contributing successful innovations to the water and wastewater treatment industry for over 35 years. The Permionics Technologies Group continues the strong commitment to value creation and emphasis on project collaboration ensures rapid and efficient transfer of new technologies on a global basis.

Permionics Membranes Pvt. Ltd is an ISO-9001 certified company with 35 years of experience having more than 3000 installations globally. Permionics has established itself as a pioneer in providing membrane based cost effective solutions for a wide range of for industrial applications. We believe in selling solutions, not just selling products, tailored to the customers needs. Continuous R&D and steady interaction with premier membrane companies and research organizations worldwide enables us to incorporate the very latest membrane technologies in the final product, and offer the best solution to the end-user.

We custom-designed and engineer complete membrane based systems from pilot to commercial scale to suit the specific requirements of different industries viz. chemical, petrochemical, biotech, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, dairy, sugar & distillery, biofuels, herbals, soya isolates, water/waste water (ETP) and other sectors. Our R&D activities have introduced and successfully integrated Membrane Technology for the various upstream and downstream processes that involve separation, concentration, purification and recovery of molecules from different industrial sectors providing cost effective solutions to various problems.

Our wide range of membranes available in different sizes and molecular weight cutoffs is a very unique feature that has made us capable of handling various types of process streams from different industries and thereby providing to industry a better solution to their wastewater and solution treatment problems.

By consistent R&D in developing & characterizing new membranes, today we have the best range of products and capabilities to handle all types of applications ranging from pH 0 “ 14 and thereby surpassing other companies

Our focus in not only to develop new membranes but also to develop new applications for solving various industrial problems.

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Our philosophy is to offer product specific solutions tailored to the customers' needs.

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