Membrane Solutions for Sewage Treatment

Permionics can supply Bio-filter Technology which is environmentally sustainable, economically viable & socially acceptable technology for the sewage & waste water treatments. It uses the ability of the earthworms and beneficial microbes to break down organic waste present in the wastewater and transforms it into worm-cast. It is a natural way of recycling nutrients and removal of toxins. The biofilter is a bed of organic material which supports worms (microbes) that break down solid and convert to carbon dioxide, water, and nutrients.

Bio-filter Technology is a synthesis process, which harnesses the energy, carbon and other elements of the waste and converts them to precious “Bio-nutritional” products like energy-rich humus & bio-fertilizer and nutrient rich water. It involves removal of organic matter by adsorption & filtration followed by biological degradation and oxygen supply by natural aeration to the treatment system.

Key advantages of Biofilter compared to traditional sewage treatment processes:

  • It reduces the cost of collection / transportation / treatment.
  • Capable of reducing BOD, COD, and turbidity >90%.
  • No Odour / No Sludge Formation / Hygienic process acceptability of local people for the appearance of the plant is very high.
  • Very Low operating and maintenance costs. Treated water can be marketed for reuse.
  • It can be tailor-made for each situation/land availability.
  • Able to meet pollution norms for irrigation and additional cost saving on artificial fertilizers.
  • Does not need qualified / highly skilled persons for monitoring.


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