Effluent Recycling

The effluent generated from the power plants are mainly from cooling tower blow down and boiler blows down and contains various inorganic elements, heavy metals, BOD & suspended solids. Thus proper treatment of these effluents to obtain a good quality of water that can be recycled is very important. Our membranes can handle these effluents after proper pretreatments and provide good quality of water. Membranes offer several advantages over conventional treatment systems, such as a compact design, lower installation cost, reduced cleaning and replacement cost, and lower overall life-cycle cost. Life-cycle cost savings result from reduced process steps and chemicals required to achieve high-quality water.

Water for Process Utility

Permionics can supply membrane systems that can treat the water from different sources like bore well and river and improve its quality by making it more suitable for the processes in power plants. Depending on the characteristics of the feed water, we can provide suitable pretreatment along with our membrane systems that can meet the parameters of the water required for the processes.

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