High Purity Water for Semiconductor

Electronic and Semiconductor grade water quality is very essential in maintaining the quality of the product. This water is used to rinse impurities from slice or substrate surfaces. Permionics ultrafiltration membranes and reverse osmosis membrane system are a superlative combination for producing high-quality water for semiconductor industries.


Effluent Treatment

  • Permionics have introduced the revolutionary concept of directly treating the effluent through membrane systems and recycling of water.
  • We have developed special low fouling hydrophilic membranes having high COD and BOD tolerances. These membranes are able to handle high TDS and SS loads and are also able to take in TDS and COD of about 40,000 ppm directly.
  • The Perma HPA elements are the only one of its kind in the membrane market to withstand high COD and BOD loads, outperforming the conventional RO,/NF membranes available in the market today.
  • The smooth surface and its near neutral to a negative charge property gives the added advantage of it being resistant to biofilm formation and fouling.
  • Our membrane systems clubbed with an evaporator will make an industry almost zero discharge industry thereby reducing pollution related problems and making the company eco-friendly.
  • Our effluent treatment systems have been supplied for treating effluents from Textile, Dyeing, Biotech & Pharma, PCB manufacturing, Vegetable Oil Manufacturing, Pesticides industries, Oil & Gas etc. The supplied staged systems enable recoveries of 80 – 85% of the wastewater.


Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Permionics offers various combinations like Recycle & Reuse, Evaporation & Crystallization in designing Zero Liquid Discharge Systems in accordance with the unique requirement of the customer.

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