Waste Water Recycling

Membranes for Industrial Laundry Waste Water:

A typical commercial laundry operation consumes on average 250m3/day of potable water and discharges approximately 200m3/day of polluted waste water. Our membrane process can help in the recycling of commercial laundry waste water and meet the regulatory standards.

Laundry Waste Water Recycling:

Laundry waste water stream is composed of grease/oil, COD, BOD, lint, TSS, TDS, detergents and surfactants. With the non oily effluent produced from washing clothing and the like, relatively little treatment is required to meet these requirements where filtering the total suspended solids using a shaker screen produces an effluent which is suitable for disposal directly to a sanitary sewer. However, this treatment is not effective for an oily effluent along with suspended/dissolved solids, COD & BOD. Conventional methods used for laundry waste water treatments do not give the desired water quality. Permionics provides a complete solution and our system provides water of quality that meets the required regulations for reusing in washing process. We have developed and installed such systems successfully with ability to treat waste water at high temperature (80°C) and giving 75-80% of water recovery for recycle back into the laundry process

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