Infrastructure and Urban Development

We offer Membrane Systems for Townships, Hospitals, Hotels, Industry and various other applications. Some of our Water and Sewage Treatment Applications are as follows:

Water Treatment

Process and utility water production, Potable water production, Ultrapure water production, Recycle from high COD and BOD condensate water, High Purity Water, As tertiary treatment for decolorization, Water recovery and recycle from cooling tower and boiler blowdown water.

Our Advantage

Spiral Wound Membrane elements consistently demonstrate superior performance and life on brackish and seawater sources as well as in tertiary wastewater treatment. Spiral wound membranes require generally less pretreatment and have fewer operational problems.

We offer membrane systems for Key Application Areas:

    • Seawater and Brackish water treatment.
    • Potable Water please also visit the website of our sister concern
    • Permionics UF membrane systems are used for the removal of pathogens, virus, bacteria, and pyrogens at the point of use and require no electricity, the process being dependent on overhead tank pressure only.
    • Removal of Colloidal Silica.
    • Provision of ultra pure water (HPW) for use in dialysis in hospitals.
    • Provision of boiler feed water.
    • Provision of Process Utility Water.




Waste Water Recycling Key Application Areas:

    • Permionics have introduced the revolutionary concept of directly treating the effluent through membrane systems and recycling of water.
    • We have developed special low fouling hydrophilic membranes having high COD and BOD tolerances. These membranes are able to handle high TDS and SS loads and are able to take in TDS and COD of about 40,000 ppm directly.
    • The Perma HPA elements are the only one of its kind in the membrane market to withstand high COD and BOD loads, outperforming the conventional RO,/NF membranes available in the market today.
    • The smooth surface and it’s near neutral to negative charge give the added advantage of it being resistant to biofilm formation and fouling.
    • Our membrane systems clubbed with an evaporator will make an industry almost zero-discharge industry thereby reducing pollution-related problems and making the company eco-friendly.
    • Our effluent treatment systems have been supplied for treating effluents from Textile, Dyeing, Biotech & Pharma, PCB manufacturing, Vegetable Oil Manufacturing, Pesticides Industries, Oil & Gas etc. The supplied staged systems enable recoveries of 80 – 85% of the wastewater.
    • We also provide Turnkey ETP and STP Plants


Sewage Waste Water Treatment Key advantages of Biofilter compared to traditional sewage treatment processes:

    • It reduces the cost of collection / transportation / treatment.
    • Capable of reducing BOD, COD and, turbidity >90%.
    • No Odor / No Sludge Formation / Hygienic process acceptability of local people for the appearance of the plant is very high.
    • Very Low operating and maintenance costs. Treated water can be marketed for reuse.
    • It can be tailor-made for each situation/land availability.
    • Able to meet pollution norms for irrigation and additional cost saving on artificial fertilizers.
    • Does not need qualified / highly skilled persons for monitoring.

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