Membrane Solution for Distillery

Typically distillery effluent will also have very a high load of COD, BOD & TDS and being in large volumetric flow it is not feasible to put in evaporators. Permionics has developed a robust & novel membrane based technology for the treatment of distillery effluent, where we use its proprietary membrane elements to recover up to 80-90% of recyclable quality water from the ETP treated effluent. Our membrane systems drastically reduced evaporator load and thus offers huge capital saving & tremendous savings compared to the operational cost of evaporator.

Waste Water Recycling ?

For wastewater treatment & recycling, we have developed special low fouling hydrophilic membranes, which can take in high COD/BOD loads. Our membrane systems have been successfully installed for various types of industries & they have been using our systems for over a long period. The membranes are stable at pH range between 1 to 13 thus having the advantage of improved stability and in addition to this, membranes are sanitary type element without any tail so have no layer formation and easy to clean during CIP.


Condensate Polishing

Condensate from evaporation plants is used as boiler feed water, process, cooling, and rinsing water or is directly discharged into a drainage ditch. For all these purposes, the quality of the condensate must be improved and same can be achieved by using our membranes that can provide 85-90% water recovery.


Bottle Wash Effluent Recycling

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