Catalyst Recovery

Chemical processes uses either homogenous or heterogeneous catalyst for the various types of the reaction. Recovery of catalyst after the reaction is very important as they are expensive and need to be reused for multiple cycles. We offer membrane systems that can help to recover both types of catalyst and thus improve the economics of the process.

Separation and Purification ?

Permionics have acid, base, and solvent stable membranes available in the different molecular weight cut off that find multiple applications.


  • Decolorization/clarification/demineralization of spent acid and caustic solutions for recycle.
  • Concentration and demineralization of dyes in acids.
  • Concentration/desalination/softening of in-process and waste streams.
  • Product concentration and solvent recovery.
  • COD/BOD reduction in waste streams such as pulp and paper waste effluents.


Permionics offers various combinations like Recycle & Reuse, Evaporation & Crystallization in designing Zero Liquid Discharge Systems in accordance with the unique requirements of the customer.

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