Pilot Plants

Multi-functional PILOT PLANTS

T 01

Small Scale Trials for

  • Proof of concept testing and membrane selection on minimum volume as low as 1000 ml; flat sheet membrane test cell.

PM 10

Medium scale trials for

  • Parameters Optimization for scale up; handling feed volumes of 10 litres and above.
  • Spiral wound elements of 1 sq mtr area, and flat sheet membrane test cell.

PM 50

On site pilot plant trials for establishing

  • operating data and sustainability for feed volumes of minimum 50 litres.
  • Spiral wound element with 6 to 8 sq mtrs membrane area.

Custom Designed Pilot Plants

Flexible pilot plants to suit different budgets catering to educational institutions and R&D laboratories’

  • Liquid separation studies,
  • Pervaporation studies
  • Gas separation studies.

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