O&M Contract Services

We provide complete Operation & Maintenance Contract Services for membrane based water & wastewater treatment plants. We also provide O&M Contract Services for any membrane based process plants.

Operation and Maintenance

Preparation of Operation and Maintenance manual consisting of features of O&M of individual components of the system is necessary in the O&M of the systems. Our O&M services are two types:

Comprehensive O&M Contract

This includes audit of system if supplied by others followed by revamping if necessary and then taking up the O&M Contract with manpower including chemicals, consumables, and spares. This ensures that the prime responsibility of the system lies with us.

Non Comprehensive O&M Contract

We have also provision of non comprehensive O&M contract which will not include manpower supply. However we will train your manpower to ensure that operation of system will be accordance with guidelines.

Supervisory Service

We also provide supervisory service with skilled engineers to oversee operation of the system

Annual Maintenance (AMC)

Our annual maintenance contract takes care of preventive maintenance. Backed by this we ensure longevity of components, trouble-free operations and lower downtime. Our annual maintenance contract services comprise of scheduled inspection & scheduled maintenance of the Plant. AMC will cover visit of our engineer regularly based on contact to ensure effective operation of system.

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