New Products Launched


PERMA ALREC systems are designed to recover Heavy Metals from Acid/Alkali streams

  • Reducing load on the ETP
  • Reducing chemicals for neutralization
  • Recycling alkali/Acid


PERMA SOLREC systems have demonstrated commercial viability for recovery and reuse of solvents from Mother Liquor with several commercial installations across the industry sector.


Several systems have been commissioned for Fermentation broth clarification using Ceramic Microfiltration membranes.


Caustic recovery from the following teams have been successfully deployed using the PERMA AR series membranes:

  • Caustic purification and recovery from Mercerising streams
  • Caustic recovery and recycle from CIP wastes
  • Hemicellulose and caustic separation
  • Alkaline Brine recovery from Column regeneration in Sugar refineries


With the development of our tight UF chemistry and a robust membrane module, the HFUF05 membrane is by far a more comprehensive solution than Hollow fibre elements, especially when it comes to removal of COLLOIDAL SILICA, TURBIDITY, and RESIDUAL COLOUR from treated sewage apart from lowering the BOD AND COD to achieve the stringent regulatory norms of 5 &5.

With its hydrophilic neutral surface and tight pore size, it removes residual organics such as humic acids, BOD and COD due to fecal contamination in treated sewage, surface and river water feeds. This is an indigenous membrane developed in-house at Permionics, tried and tested on effluents, STP outlets and surface waters with excellent results.

We would like to introduce TURBOCATCH System as a polishing treatment system when you need to recycle treated sewage water for further use. This followed by our NF or RO systems can actually convert Treated sewage into BOILER FEED Water if not DRINKING Water.

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