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  • Introduced High Temperature and PH tolerant spiral wound elements and membranes
  • First Fish Protein Recovery (stick water concentration) membrane process commercialized
  • Introduced Solvent Stable Membranes
  • First Membrane System for Product and Solvent Recovery – Methanol and IPA recovery from mother liquor
  • Triglyceride concentration from extract of Fish Oil
  • Developed High Performance Hydrophilic UF Membrane suitable for oily waste water
  • Two pass RO EID System commissioned for High Purity Water
  • Expansion of Membrane and Element Manufacturing Facility

2012 – till Today

  • Concentration of Coconut Water
  • RO system for Waste Water Recycling for Laundries, UK
  • Membrane system for Concentration of Herbal Extracts
  • NF system for Acid Recovery System
  • Acid Recovery from etching bath

2006 – 2012

  • NF System for Decolorizing and recovery of Dye Bath Effluent
  • UF System for Oil Water Separation from Jet Spinning Wastewater
  • Brine Recovery System for Sugar Processing Industry
  • Concentration and Purification of Food Dyes.
  • Hydroblast water Treatment System

2001 – 2005

  • 4000m3/day RO System for Production of Boiler Feed Water from Brackish Water
  • NF System fo Concentration of Tea Extract
  • MF System for Fermentation Broth Clarfication
  • India’s First System for Recovery & Recycle of Water from Textile Dye Effluent

1996 – 2000

  • India’s first UF System for Concentration of Gelation
  • India’s first RO System for Distillery Effluents treatment
  • “Perma” Thin Film Composite Polyamide Membrane Spiral Wound Module
  • Country’s Largest RO System for Pyrogen Free Water Production
  • Chlorine Tolerant NF Membrane Spiral Wound Module
  • India’s first Nanofiltration System for Dyes Desalting and Concentration
  • India’s first UF System for Concentration of Cheese Whey

1991 – 1995

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