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Proprietary Membranes

Permionics has been the pioneer of membrane technology in India. Permionics has the unique distinction of being the FIRST & ONLY company in India till date to indigenously manufacture Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra-Filtration(Ultrafiltration), Nano-Filtration membranes for various process specific applications and Waste Water Recycling, Zero Liquid Discharge, Purified Water,Desalination of Sea Water and USP purified water system.Permionics have specialist engineers to design the optimum system for any process and any industry. Specific membranes for a variety of applications like effluent treatment across a wide spectrum of industries have been developed in-house. These membranes have exhibited consistent performance and lifespan characteristics in a variety of applications and industries like Bulk Drug Manufacturing, Dairy, Pharma, Textile Dyeing, Biotech and Chemicals Manufacturing sectors.membrance_design

Permionics Membrane Coding


From the table below, it is evident that Permionics manufactures a wide variety of flat sheet membranes and custom designs spiral wound elements to suit your application as well as provide retrofits to existing elements of other manufacturers.

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HPA Series :

The HPA series membranes are Proprietary Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration. Nanofiltration is a complimentary process to reverse osmosis, where divalent cations and anions are preferentially rejected over the monovalent cations and anions. The membranes, depending on the cut off, retain organic molecules in the range of 50 “ 400 molecular weights. This leads to a very interesting unit process option in separation where you need to separate organics from salts or separate two organics of different molecular weights.The difference between RO and NF is that in RO you have almost complete rejection of dissolved salts irrespective of their valences, whilst the rejection of dissolved salts in NF membranes depends on the valence of the cation or anion.For wastewater treatment applications the NF membranes are specially treated with our proprietary chemicals which would enhance their COD / BOD tolerances. These membranes are tailored for high organic load and they can treat effluents with COD levels of even 40,000 ppm.

The major applications of the HPA NF series membranes are:

  • Deashing & concentration of dyes
  • Concentration and deashing of sugars, polysaccharides
  • Concentration of antibiotics
  • Softening of water
  • Color removal from waster streams
  • BOD, COD reduction in waste waters

The size and dimensions of the HPA series Nanofiltration elements are as per internationally available elements, which ensure easy retrofit in any existing system.

Key Properties:

  • PH tolerance between 2 “ 12 during operation and cleaning
  • Low fouling due to high hydrophilicity
  • Low salt rejection at low molecular weight cutoffs, thus allowing operations on high salt concentrations at low pressures
  • Available in MWCO ranging from 50 to 500 Daltons
  • Available in tape wrap, FRP wrap and sanitary conditions
  • Elements retrofittable with other manufacturers pressure vessels and elements
  • Elements can operate on extremely high COD / BOD streams like textile dyeing and distillery

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