Improving water efficiency with Ultrafiltration membrane elements


Improving water efficiency with Ultrafiltration membrane elements

01 Sep 2018

Membrane Elements  –Membranes Ultrafiltration-  Nano filtration in Vadodara,Gujarat,India – Water is a catalyst, important for both industrial and commercial operations. And with the increase in the population, the percentage of water usage for both these sectors have been increasing day by day. In effect of this, the industry owners have started to use filtration processes to treat the wastewater and reuse it for different industry operations. Not only this, even seawater and brackish water are also being purified through different membrane filtration systems. Here, reverse osmosis is used largely for treating water for manufacturing, processing, cooling, etc. According to reports, the industrial sector is said to be consuming 22% of the total water usage, making it the largest water consumer around the globe. This and the rising scarcity of water has compelled the industry owners to implement different technologies so as to treat wastewater generated by the industries and reusing it and even saving water.

Well, the use of membrane technology and membrane elements for wastewater treatment is nothing new, however, its implementation has increased over the years. The reason behind its rising popularity and adaptation would have to be because of the fact that they are low energy consumption machines, but they are compact and with adequate cleaning and maintenance can last for many years. Among the many different membrane filtration processes, ultrafiltration is a process which is being used for pre-treatment. Pre-treatment is treating the feed water before passing it through the membrane system and if you are using more than one membrane filtration process then you can use ultrafiltration as a pre-treatment process before getting onto the next step of purifying water.

An ultrafiltration system comes with pore sized fiber membrane that has the capability to remove minute particles – be it microorganisms, heavy sediments, organic matter, etc. When ultrafiltration membrane system is used as a pre-treatment with an RO system, it successfully eliminates suspended solids making the RO operation more efficient. When compared to the conventional, non-membrane treatments (which involves the use of chemicals for pretreating feed water), ultrafiltration is considered to be a better option as it can efficiently handle different types of feed water (seawater, wastewater, brackish water, etc.) and lessens the amount of particles in the final water output. Hence, a UF system can improve the operating time of an RO system by improving the quality of the feed water as well as improving the performance of it as well.  The ultrafiltration system with pressurized hollow-fiber is a system that has been increasingly used as an RO pretreatment technology in industries in order to achieve higher performance and cost-efficient RO system. Hence, all in all, using an ultrafiltration system as a pretreatment can offer different benefits such as low carbon footprint, better feed water quality, ability to handle different kinds of feed water, etc. Also, an ultrafiltration system doesn’t demand high frequency of cleaning and maintenance, thereby increasing the RO operational flux. The membrane technology especially the combination of different membrane systems has given the industry sector a great alternative when it comes to using as well as reusing water efficiently.

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